Aoishiro - Aoi Shiro no Enbukyoku by Edoya Pochi and Fumotogawa Tomoyuki — Completed


Akita Momoko who entered Seijou Girls Academy is staying in the dorms. Her roommate is Aizawa Yasumi and Momoko is drawn to her, but Yasumi is searching for a different girl. Who is that girl…and what will become of Momoko’s feelings…!?

Based on the PS2 game Aoishiro and serialized in Yurihime, this story which takes place before the game has finally appeared.

Volume 0
Prelude released Sep 1 '08
Chapter 1 released Aug 2 '08
Chapter 2 released Aug 2 '08
Chapter 3 released Aug 2 '08
Extra [end] released Sep 19 '09