And Thus I Was Picked Up By My Boss's Daughter by Akashi — Ongoing


"Let's fall as far as we can, and then fall some more. Might be pretty fun, I think!"

Nagashima Haruka, having entered her 30s with an empty bank account, a loveless personal life, and a job that truly isn't working for her, decides to end it all... until a mysterious rich young woman stops her at the last moment, and makes her an offer she can't refuse!

Is this Nagashima's second chance at life, or has she found the only place worse than rock bottom - and what on earth is going through the mind of her heiress benefactor?

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Let's Fall Together released Nov 18 '21 Suicide
Chapter 2: Found Me Out released Mar 23 '22
Chapter 3: I Really Don't Know released Mar 23 '22
Chapter 4: Nyandaho! released Apr 4 '22
Chapter 5: If You Care For The Girl released Apr 10 '22
Chapter 6: Forgive Me, Sister released Jun 18 '22