An Aside Told to You by Yasaka Shuu — Licensed, Not Updated, and Ongoing

Also known as Monologue Woven For You and Kimi ni Tsumugu Bouhaku


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Tachibana Haruka is a college second year. She gave up on her dream to live a new life. One day she meets Hayama Nao, a first year student trying to become an actor. Each feeling the opposite towards theater, with unspoken feelings and unasked questions hidden in their hearts, their mutual attraction begins.

Twitter comics
Chapter 0.1: Twitter extras 1 released Jan 2 '21
Volume 1
Chapter 1 released May 4 '20
Chapter 2 released May 15 '20
Chapter 3 released Jun 7 '20
Chapter 4 released Jul 11 '20
Chapter 5 released Jul 20 '20
Volume 2
Chapter 6 released Aug 27 '20
Chapter 7 released Nov 27 '20
Chapter 8 released Feb 18 '21