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November 2018
Luka-neesan's Marriage by luphis VOCALOID Doujin released Nov 3 '18 Full colour Lots of sex Luka x Miku Marriage NSFW Yuri
February 2018
Hanny Box by Sekihara Umina VOCALOID Doujin released Feb 14 '18 Lots of sex Masturbation Miku x Rin NSFW Yuri
September 2017
Cafe and Tea and You and Me by Umekichi Kemono Friends Doujin released Sep 9 '17 Alpaca Suri x Japanese Crested Ibis Yuri
July 2017
Pantsu Friends by Norio Tsukudani Kemono Friends Doujin released Jul 10 '17 Ecchi
May 2017
Marriage In Paradise by Yamada Gogogo released May 27 '17 404: Men Not Found Big breasts Childhood friends Foiled rape attempt Lots of sex Marriage NSFW Pregnant Romance School girl Science babies Yuri
Yuritto Yama GIRL by Mira Original Doujin released May 18 '17 Comedy Yuri
Have a nice holiday by Sekihara Umina VOCALOID Doujin released May 7 '17 Luka x Miku Masturbation Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri