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Cat Ears And A Restroom And The Club Room After School by Sasayuki K-ON! Doujin released Jul 27 '10 Animal ears Azusa x Mio Azusa x Mugi Lots of sex Masturbation Mio x Mugi NSFW Threesome Yuri
K-ON-Hon!? ch02: Mio to Azusa by Oyuno Kaori K-ON! Doujin released Oct 12 '09 Anal Azusa x Mio Lots of sex Masturbation NSFW Tanline Wishful thinking Yuri
Flavored Milk by Ananwanko K-ON! Doujin released Aug 19 '09 Animal ears Azusa x Mio Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Tailsex Wishful thinking Yuri