juanelric Jun 24, 2018 10:03PM

Is N disappointed that Rosa got to Hilda first or did he get excited from watching?

Edit: I totally didn't forget to add in a word while changing the wording in the comment before posting it.

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mint-leaf Jun 25, 2018 11:38AM

We got lots of fondling-themed images today haha

Mimiyaah Jun 25, 2018 12:27PM

It’s fondling sunday the day of relaxment of being fondled perhaps?? XD

But.. did she crush a pokéball?? XD r.i.p the pokémon then

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juanelric Jun 25, 2018 12:38PM

@Mimiyaah *he
I've seen this before it was posted on Dynasty Reader but never really paid attention to N.