souleater Feb 16, 2018 11:27PM

meat bun

Hollows Feb 17, 2018 1:30AM

Whoa, Fujieda Miyabi. It's been years.

Aki_Chan Feb 17, 2018 4:01AM

Is that mochi? :B

Yuzu: See, it's so soft right?... Almost as soft as you Mei xD
Mei: (WTH?!) Uh, huh... Stop it Yuzu, I'm reading! >_<


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Resuri13 Feb 17, 2018 10:48AM

Chapter 36 "Whereabouts of love".. is soooo sad... Mei leaves Yuzu...

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Inamikan Feb 17, 2018 10:50AM

New chapter makes my heart break into pieces (╥_╥)

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blargh201 Feb 17, 2018 1:35PM

I hate to be that guy, but even if the chapter has been released elsewhere, I'm pretty sure it is not yet on Dynasty (at the time this post). Please mark your SPOILERS appropriately. For those unfamiliar with the markdown system, place two equals signs directly on each end (there should be 4 total) of your spoiler text to get this.

Link to markdown tutorial: https://dynasty-scans.com/forum/topics/5657-forum-post-formatting-basic-markdown-tutorial

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Gusshi Feb 18, 2018 1:38AM

Just sad at chapter 36(T_T). Heart broken

Itzameapotterhead Feb 18, 2018 2:46AM

to be honest, I would actually like a bittersweet ending to Citrus. Tho, finishing with Mei and Yuzu never meeting again is definitely not a good way to end the series and it would be better with them meeting again for the last time with some kind of closure.

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Aki_Chan Feb 19, 2018 5:29AM

OMG I just read chapter 36!!... So sad, so heartbreaking (TT ^ TT)
Hope it won't end like that :S

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Orochi5 Feb 19, 2018 2:38PM

Well I haven't read the latest chapter yet but they did hint in the first volume on how things could go so im not suprise if they do run into a difficult situation. U just have to hope for the best and pray it doesn't end like other mangas Σ(°△°|||)︴

adyatma16 Feb 19, 2018 9:41PM

It's been a while, Miyabi-sensei ^^

Aki_Chan Feb 20, 2018 3:34PM

^^ Yeah, hoping for the best, at least something with some closure on it (if there's no 'happy ending') otherwise, Saburouta will have to pay for my therapy!! >:V

juanelric Feb 26, 2018 3:30PM

@Aki_Chan I think it's a nikuman.
As for chapter 36, I was seriously saddened. But at least it seems Matsuri is now a student at Aihara Academy.

Either way, I refuse to accept Citrus to end without Yuzu and Mei marrying in the end.

As for the art, it's seriously cute. I just found out the person who drew this is a guy and I still can't believe.

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BV Oct 31, 2018 6:30PM

Dah, reading these comments truly returns memories. I know that chapter 36 was the first thing to make me cry in over a year (note that I only read it in June).

Rainendant Apr 24, 2019 10:29PM

Im telling you one meatbun wont destroy the world,,, its delicious