Victim Feb 22, 2017 10:39PM

Personally, I find that the third years are the best part of sunshine. All three personalities really mesh well for some good yuri

mint-leaf Feb 22, 2017 11:10PM

^ I agree, KanaMariDia are amazing.

last edited at Feb 22, 2017 11:10PM

Mimiyaah Feb 23, 2017 7:29PM

Awww~ let her in too~~

TrollzOfLol Feb 28, 2017 3:29AM

I like the third years but not the drama -.- It honesty annoys me to whole hell, I mean it was 2 years ago that they separated.

[deleted] Feb 28, 2017 10:45AM

Hmmm i personally like KananxMari only. This looks cute anyway XD

Azero25 Mar 1, 2017 12:18PM

Yeah I like the chemistry between them, but didn't care for the drama

Kaatze Jan 20, 2018 6:52PM

I think because of the two years it was hard for them.