alexuh55 Sep 25, 2015 11:10PM

If anyone is curious what Miku is saying it's "Dating among idols are forbidden~nya!" and the one with the arrows are "They eventually date" (the gist of it)

ReVolpe Sep 25, 2015 11:25PM

My main CG ships are all here ( ᐛ )/

satsunyan Sep 25, 2015 11:46PM

Mika-nee going to jail. Them handcuffs. LOL

9Hampnie8 Sep 26, 2015 1:32AM

I love all the pair there !!!

AshuraX Sep 26, 2015 9:17AM

Jail is but a room!

[deleted] Sep 26, 2015 10:52PM

Them pairings... I YURI APPROVE them! >~<

drhelsing Sep 28, 2015 3:35PM

lesbians, lesbians everywhere

shen123 Oct 30, 2015 2:43AM

bwahaha sooo yuri love it!

yuikumari May 5, 2016 1:27AM

ah age-gap in her <3

Azero25 Jun 1, 2016 3:41PM

them handcuffs, but thanks! i always shipped MikuxRiina rather that RiinaxNatsuki

warireku Oct 29, 2016 6:50AM

This is the summary of all my CG ships lol

Toshi Jun 15, 2017 2:00AM

The solid obligatory CG ships.
Dude, same.

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Nekofanatic Sep 13, 2017 9:30AM

STAMP Approved!!!

BakaChiki Sep 28, 2017 12:52AM

I love how she is handcuffed

juanelric Mar 18, 2018 9:00PM

All of my fav CG anime ships minus NaoKare.
@alexuh55 what about the other text over Riina (besides the exclamation marks) and the text near Mika's hands?
@Azero25 @Toshi same. I have nobody to ship Natsuki with, since I ship Nana with Sugar (in fact, I seem to be the only one on Pixiv to ship both MikuRiina and SugaNana, because I never found any picture or set with both) and Takumi with Rina, so I was thinking of shipping her with Aki who I also have nobody to ship with (since again I already ship Takumi with Rina and I decided to only ship the girls with other girls, so Seiji is a no-go too).
Also, I hadn't noticed Mika was handcuffed until seeing Azero25's comment. Minami should be cuffed too, as she is 19 while Anya is only 15. xD

SSincere Jan 23, 2020 8:28PM

@juanelric You could go Natsuki with Ryo — they match pretty well as rock vocalists with some contrasting butch/femme energy. If you're too attached to the other age-gap ship of Ryo/Koume, consider Miyo as another biker-type. Or, since Natsuki has a kind of Western music/classic rock feel, you could ship her with Kate, the English girl, or Cathy, the American who can't speak English.

That said, Cinderellas do seem to pair off easily, don't they? It probably helps that the stable is so deep.

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