Givemeanaccount Oct 16, 2023 11:04PM

Lynette, could you please ask for a less impossible challenge?

Kuma The Bear Oct 17, 2023 4:48AM

I feel you Furina

FluffyCow Oct 17, 2023 5:36AM

In a few brief moments it's going to be, "Lady Furina stop motorboating father please"

1kiwi.7 Oct 17, 2023 9:58AM

still love how arlecchino is literally a dad, like not even mom, she's just dad

thechampionmike95 Oct 17, 2023 3:15PM

I like how people have taken someone who legit traumatized someone with attempted murder and went "lets ship them together". Shipping is weird sometimes.

georgeoswalddannyson Oct 17, 2023 7:06PM

Attempted murder adds spicy

AngelScream Oct 17, 2023 10:17PM

We love toxic yuri

Flanny Oct 19, 2023 2:39AM

It's fiction, so... BRING ME THE TOXIC YURI-

Exhausted Oct 20, 2023 7:33AM

It's almost like fiction isn't reality, which makes it a safe place to indulge in taboo thoughts!

Noctis Oct 20, 2023 3:18PM

Mfs be like "we indulge in taboo thoughts" but have the durability of glass when it comes to straight shipping

last edited at Oct 20, 2023 3:19PM

Exhausted Oct 20, 2023 3:22PM

How can you possibly go through life being that stupid, man?

Kayriss Oct 21, 2023 2:28AM

Love it when people feel the need to have rules and guidelines to shipping, just ignore the ones you don’t like and move on, why is that so difficult?

thechampionmike95 Oct 21, 2023 5:39PM

@Exhausted remember that when you see ships of people you don't like together

@Kayriss get off your high horse loser.

thechampionmike95 Oct 21, 2023 5:40PM

@Noctis thank you. It's only when they see something that opposes what they like that they throw around "let people like what they like"

Kayriss Oct 21, 2023 8:53PM

@thechampionmike95 Your literally the one on a high horse, thinking fictional toxic shipping should be outlawed.

MrEngenious Oct 22, 2023 2:24AM

People are free to not like certain ships. As a general guideline if you're going to like/dislike a ship and make public posts about it, add to the conversation with reasoning from the source material rather than attacking the posters sailing the ship or sinking it.

thechampionmike95 has not posted that "toxic shipping should be outlawed" but rather that the background of these characters make it problematic for them to enjoy.

Ships should be fun and crack ships spicy fun. If you're going to get angry at a poster for not liking a ship you like (because of canon violence/trauma, no less) and attack them directly then I would suggest you re-evaluate your priorities.

I do suggest everyone be less aggressive in general here.

Exhausted Oct 22, 2023 11:47PM

I see a lot of ships I don't like, and when I do I say nothing and move on, because that's normal. There's nothing wrong with saying "hey this dynamic is toxic" or whatever, but in this case that's literally the whole point, so it feels very weird that you need to say that that's why you don't like this ship. It's like taking a bite of a peanut butter sandwich and saying "I hate the taste of peanuts, this sandwich is not to my tastes." Like, okay??? Why'd you eat the sandwich then, my guy?

More directly, my initial comment was not directed at anyone but the guy who decided to be very brave and sand up for the fans of straight ships, here on this website dedicated to anime lesbians. He's going beyond eating the sandwich, he appears to be trying to live in the walls of the peanut butter factory. If you want to defend the sanctity of straight ships, feel free to do so literally anywhere else on the entire internet. They'll love you. Trying to do it here is a pathetic attempt at trolling that almost demands to be questioned. How badly does your life have to go awry to make a post like that in a place like this?