GrimEater Feb 14, 2022 9:46PM

Good job Ucchi

rkkn Feb 14, 2022 10:51PM

this is very cute. I love these guys

KS YuuHaru Feb 14, 2022 11:24PM

Ucchi could be the only character that in canon has shown an "interest" for Tomoko i think

Amersion_ Feb 15, 2022 12:05AM

Tomoko would probably really appreciate that

Aquwin Feb 15, 2022 1:57AM

^^ not really her kinda crazy cousin and some others have shown a spark she's the only on who is full interest in her

Takasaki Reika Feb 15, 2022 2:27AM

Good job Ucchi

FilthyFlow Feb 15, 2022 3:27AM

You know its actually kind of sad that Ucchi realized she's gay before Tomoko did. Like, Ucchi obviously is nowhere near escaping the closet, but at least she seems to have accepted the fact that she's in love with Tomoko. Meanwhile I'm pretty sure that Tomoko still is under the delusion she's straight even as she pervs all over her lady friends.

zokoi Feb 15, 2022 6:45AM

^ lol yeah. Tomoko literally thought about doing totally-not-platonic things with her friends at least 3 times now. That girl may like boys but she is definitely not straight.

luinthoron Feb 15, 2022 9:42AM


mg1342mg Feb 15, 2022 1:26PM

Packed with grossness.

SpencerSDH Feb 15, 2022 7:58PM

@FilthyFlow I never got the impression that Tomoko cared about her sexuality. She just seems to do whatever she wants in that regard. She's clearly sexually attracted to both girls and guys, but it seems like it either doesn't matter to her, or she isn't aware that it might matter to other people.
I'd honestly love to have a chapter about that from the manga, but I don't think that will happen.

last edited at Feb 15, 2022 7:59PM

YHVH Feb 15, 2022 8:14PM

Tomoko should prepare not one, but TWO poop chocolates this time for Emoji.

juanelric Feb 15, 2022 9:03PM

@KS YuuHaru I think most named characters have shown interest in Tomoko.

random Feb 16, 2022 12:17AM

^this. Ucchi just has no real filter in that regard so she's the most blatantly obvious about it. If memory serves it took her friends all of like five minutes watching her behaviour around Tomoko to connect the dots (and promptly start shipping/wingmanning them).

Hot_Soup43 Feb 16, 2022 1:37PM

Best ship bar none don't @ me

xaelath Feb 17, 2022 1:50AM

Uchi gang Uchi gang!

Classy-Nessi Feb 18, 2022 9:46AM

Im still rooting for you Ucchi!

Zefyra Feb 20, 2022 6:43AM

I actually started watching the anime cause I thought the other girls would appear in it too. I was so disappointed when they didnt

random Feb 20, 2022 12:30PM

^haven't watched it myself but from what I've seen mentioned about it it basically covers the initial 1st-year arc before most of the now-familiar cast is introduced so yeah.

juanelric Feb 21, 2022 2:01AM

Wish we would get a second season. Maybe Yuri could be voiced by Suzuko Mimori.

Marion Diabolito Apr 23, 2022 6:35PM

From the manga, she NEVER thinks about boys' anything anymore, Iike, ever - they've converted her from a confused bisexuaI