GrimEater Aug 31, 2020 9:40PM

Simpsons reference

Bugpope Aug 31, 2020 9:45PM

Ah, it's the canon lesbian conference. Let the usual debate about how official Dianakko might or might not be begin, I guess.

Armageddon11 Aug 31, 2020 10:08PM


GrimEater Aug 31, 2020 10:37PM

^I think ppl confuse intelligence with cunning.

whitenight2013 Aug 31, 2020 10:57PM

When comedy meets reality to form a work of true beauty.

BiohunterX Aug 31, 2020 11:38PM

@bugrope like every trigger post. gets pretty annoying. anyway, good to see omy drawing again. feels like they took a long break

Solaris1 Sep 1, 2020 12:00AM

They look proud of their SO and that makes me happy.

[deleted] Sep 1, 2020 12:01AM

Wooo let's go lesbians

BakemonoJoker Sep 1, 2020 1:02AM

@GrimEater even tough Catra used deceit , she used impecable war tactics and also to plan something good you need to be smart , and certainly Catra is smarter than Adora and some other characters , so don't look down on her

Amersion_ Sep 1, 2020 1:26AM

This is just magnificent

GrimEater Sep 1, 2020 2:03AM

I'm not looking down on her.
Catra is intelligent, but she's also impulsive and short tempered for the majority of the series and that causes her more problems.
In hindsight, not good ideas.

mapikopiko Sep 1, 2020 4:44AM

I mean, catra is smart, she's just not good at planning like adora

raeminyr Sep 1, 2020 6:39AM

Looks fun.

Rye Sep 1, 2020 10:27AM

Hah! My current avatar is relevant!

Jelbel Sep 1, 2020 11:15AM

@GrimEater The same way people confuse someone being impulsive with someone being stupid.

random Sep 1, 2020 11:22AM

As usual Internets people try to argue about complex topics without even recognising them as such or defining their damn terminology.

And they don't come much more complex than the whole concept of intelligence.

Flanny Sep 1, 2020 12:19PM

Catra looks smoking hot here...

Janime111 Sep 1, 2020 1:04PM

Fun, cute crossover.

whitenight2013 Sep 1, 2020 4:05PM

Everyone talking about Catra, but I do really love how this is implying that between the two of them, Marceline is the protagonist.

BiohunterX Sep 1, 2020 4:13PM

@whitenight2013 artist said she was the protag for stakes and that good enough for them

Solaris1 Sep 2, 2020 7:33AM

^^I was literally thinking the same and was checking of anyone else noticed.
^And now it is explained. Thanks

elevown Sep 2, 2020 12:07PM

@BakemonoJoker Im only 1 season in so far- just started watching it - but from what ive seen thus far Katra is less smart than Adora. Nearly all her choices and ideas have been BAD whereas only half of Adoras were.

last edited at Sep 2, 2020 12:40PM

Alpaca Sep 2, 2020 12:42PM

This has become my new favorite meme
Also considering how dumb Adora is, Catra is definitely the smarter one of the two. She just has major emotional issues that affect her judgement often, and Adora has a hamster on a wheel the runs her brain

Heavensrun Sep 2, 2020 1:06PM

Catra explicitly ran the horde extremely efficiently and was a dangerously effective second in command for Hordak. She also regularly figures out how to use things to her advantage, often on the fly. Like, girl had never seen a teleporter before in her life and she shoved Glimmer in one and just figured it out.

Everything dumb Catra ever does is explicitly motivated by her psychological problems, not a lack of intelligence.

Krugger Sep 2, 2020 3:56PM

This, this explains so much

TheAlmightyUltimus Sep 2, 2020 5:12PM

Ya know, this is great but I feel we're missing one pair in particular
Stares at Ruby and Weiss

BakaChiki Sep 2, 2020 8:02PM

Oh I'm so happy it's been posted here as well lol

ArcaJ Sep 2, 2020 9:16PM

As the protagonist in my own story, I feel personally attacked! GET ME A SOUP POT!!!

juanelric Sep 2, 2020 10:21PM

Best crossover

Also I gotta watch ToH and continue She-Ra

TheYuriReviewer Sep 2, 2020 10:53PM

@thealmightyultimus yes

Bread Sep 3, 2020 12:57AM


ChaozCloud Sep 3, 2020 5:13AM

Yang and Blake would work too.

Spoopycats Sep 3, 2020 5:41AM

To add on, Catra IS smart, and a good leader, tactician. I feel like she's kind of like Bubblegum where she's a genius but has the emotional capacity of a lollipop. High IQ =/= High EQ

whitenight2013 Sep 3, 2020 7:42PM

The real question isn't how smart Catra is. The real question is can you imagine Adora putting a pot on top of her head to join in on a pot fight. For me, the answer is a hell yes.

adase Sep 4, 2020 12:27AM

anyone know how i upload an image to this page?

Missigno Sep 4, 2020 9:23AM

^go to upload requests and fill out the forms

adase Sep 4, 2020 2:35PM

thank you very mach :)

MyBraveSoldierKid Sep 8, 2020 11:12AM

I love this. though i expected kinda whiterose (ruby x weiss) to be added here

ObtainCheese Sep 12, 2020 6:50PM

I love this. though i expected kinda whiterose (ruby x weiss) to be added here

The thing is, we don't if it's canon or not like the picture above show the canon couple

last edited at Sep 12, 2020 6:50PM

troubleAln Oct 30, 2020 6:41AM

you nerds have fun discussing what smart is I'm putting my money on Korra on kicking Adora's ass!!! whoo!!

juanelric Nov 15, 2020 11:18PM

Wait, this is a parody? Of what?

deltahalo241 Nov 29, 2020 5:10PM

A scene in the Simpsons, where Lisa is worried about inheriting a 'dumb gene' but as it turns out, the gene only affects the men in the Simpson family

HolyShiz May 21, 2021 12:17AM

this is just a whole level of g a e

daydream_dog94 Dec 9, 2021 11:28PM

guess we can add vi and Caitlyn to this group now lol

Takasaki Reika Mar 8, 2022 4:14AM

Lesbians meeting

wait...something is missing....oh,where's our Caitlyn and Vi?

Takasaki Reika Mar 10, 2022 4:48AM

i think having a "defective/dumb genes" means they like playing around

kuroyurihime00 Jul 22, 2023 2:10PM

I hope there's an update of this pic with Suletta and Miorine.