fluffybillygoat Jun 5, 2020 10:09PM

what a unique way to show size difference

Bugpope Jun 5, 2020 10:32PM

She-ra is officially like 8 feet tall, what did you expect.

J005812 Jun 5, 2020 11:02PM

Those big hands gonna do something

BiohunterX Jun 5, 2020 11:15PM

u know damn well adore transforms for sexy time just so she can dom catra

DC3 Jun 5, 2020 11:21PM

I imagine Adora chanting "For the honor of Grayskull!" in bed in order to top Catra lol.

The immaculate Jun 5, 2020 11:31PM

The tail is adorable

Hoskins88 Jun 6, 2020 12:13AM

I feel I'm alone when I say I'm not really into Catra and She-Ra. I don't really know why but I just prefer Adora's base form when we go to sexy town.

lucario14 Jun 6, 2020 12:49AM

This is amazing because Catra canonically likes She-ra's muscular arms. Its cool Adora is using her new powers for things other than fighting <3

Inquisitor Vel Jun 6, 2020 12:59AM

I presume none of you know what I’m talking about, but once again I’ll say it. THE DAMMAZ FUCKING KRON!

last edited at Jun 6, 2020 1:01AM

lucario14 Jun 6, 2020 2:16AM

^no idea pls explain i thought I was up to date with the memes

Yenamyoui_2 Jun 6, 2020 2:44AM

Aaah~ yess

Deltasa333 Jun 6, 2020 2:57AM

@Hoskin88 The sexiness of this is good. But yeah, I do also prefer Adora than She-ra

Missigno Jun 6, 2020 5:35AM

Oh noooo we got the NSFW (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

ulcius Jun 6, 2020 9:06AM

Wooooah! Almost as lewd as handholding!!
But as far as i think everything is fun in kinky town, it just feels weird seeing Catra and She-Ra. Like literally the main point of season 5 was about how Catra likes Adora for being Adora. And how she thinks Adora should also like herself for being Adora, not She-Ra.
But I guess they know what they are doing XD

raeminyr Jun 6, 2020 9:51AM

The lower panel is sexy as hell. And the way Adora undresses Catra is super erotic. I can imagine Catra's back peppered with hickeys or something.

last edited at Jun 6, 2020 9:54AM

sadhomu82 Jun 6, 2020 11:05AM

I knew I would find this here
This is so damn hot

TheAlmightyUltimus Jun 6, 2020 11:47AM

My head canon: Catra loves Adora for being Adora, obviously, but her inner hopelessly gay self also REALLY likes the 8 foot warrior goddess that is She-Ra

Mimiyaah Jun 6, 2020 12:37PM

My laaawd!!

DY4Y Jun 6, 2020 12:45PM

^^That's not really a headcanon though. Just look at Catra's face after Adora transformed in front of her in "Taking Control"

BiohunterX Jun 6, 2020 12:50PM

except 1: she-ra and adora are one in the same and 2: catra clearly shows attraction to she-ra in season 5 and is canon that she likes she-ras muscular arms

RealmOMFG Jun 6, 2020 3:27PM


I love seeing She Ra stuff on here. Still sobbing over the finale. :')

Nishikinoxx Jun 6, 2020 6:01PM

Aw yis -w-

SakuraIce22 Jun 7, 2020 1:42AM

Nvm, it got better

Lil-Dumpster-Rat Jun 8, 2020 2:38PM

She goin' ham on that kitten

Kat_2205 Jun 14, 2020 6:05PM


Ch2 of this matches this pic really well at a couple parts

xxcindybeexx Jun 17, 2020 6:10AM

soooooo no one's mentioned this yet but she-ra can transform her sword into ANYTHING riiiight....

Ressey Jul 3, 2020 7:16AM

I can actually look for She-Ra lewds now that I've completed all 5 seasons. Wow, what a ride that was.

Feels like Christmas when we get lewd fanarts of these two.