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joined Jan 2, 2014

the f*ck is this that is all

joined Sep 19, 2014

Discusting, i hate when they considere a man like a big thing to coopeting

joined Jul 22, 2015

tons of wetting fetish + endless penis jokes
(a brocon older sister - pervert younger brother - half-human/half-robot dual-personality semi-supernatural girl) love triangle
a story that goes from merely sweet fetish fuel to weird dystopian shit with a magic wand and anticlimactic ending
truly one of the most wtf things I've ever seen in my life

joined May 22, 2014

Is there anything beyond "wtf did I just read"? Cuz that is some weird craziness going on.

joined Jan 27, 2016

This deserved the WTF AM I READING Tag the most

GendoIkari Uploader
joined Aug 10, 2011

It’s a masterpiece.

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