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Oh boy, Senran Kagura finally made its way here! YAY!

Wish there were more doujin/manga scanlated, specially more yuri focused ones.

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So I didn't thought were else to post this but the most recent game in the series has added secret files that expand the series' setting and among one of them there's one pretty weird to call it somehow.

蛇女子学園の掲示板に張られていた注意書き 最近、学校敷地内で女生徒同士の不純同性交遊が見受けられます。
本校、蛇女子学園は忍となるべく技術や志を学ぶ場所であり、 淫らな行為をする場所ではありません。
今後、不純同性交遊を見つけ次第、厳しい処分を下していきます。 (程度によっては停学、退学の可能性もありえます)

Ran through Google Translate

Notice written on the bulletin board of Snake Girls' School
Recently, there is impure homosexuality exchanges among girls on the school premises.
Our school, Snake Girls' School is a place where you can learn techniques and ambitions as a Shinobi, and it is not a place where you act a nasty act.
In the future, as soon as I find impure homosexuals, I will make a tough disposal. (Depending on the degree, there is a possibility of suspension or withdrawal)

Er, yeah....

There's also a letter from Daidouji to her mother that puts her interactions with Rin through the entire series in a new light. A sexy, gay, light.

Daidouji's letter

To My Dear Mother,

No matter how many times you write me, I have no intention of returning home.

I have something I need to do, a promise with an old friend I need to fulfill.

I also have no interest in marriage, in spite of your continuous advice.

I will not recognize any man weaker than myself.

I will choose my life partner of my own volition.

My Regards

  • The sender's name has been torn off

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