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Not sure which one are more perverted. Hana or Nonna. Also Nishizumi is badass.

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Isn't the autor same as

Two chapters from this are already here as separate works

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Haha nishizumi kinda looks like one of the helghasts XD

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In chapter 4, the author used Mai-HiME as reference. xD Funny~

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What the heck just happened?
Well, I think I know... Those are all kinda random...
And once again, the random appearance of Nodoka.

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LOL @ Nodoka (Saki) on Chapter 3 page 20 XD

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I wish there would be more Yuzu x Momo but alas...*sigh*
On another note, this made me laugh so much I actually was tearing up XD

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defcon 1 was the best part

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Chapter 1 page 5 strike witches cameo

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Wow, this was actually pretty disturbing at points. Funny, but disturbing...

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