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Pixy Gale 10
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Well yes sir, after over 6 months we bring you the latest chapter of Pixy Gale, edited by me, myself and I

I was planning on writing 7 paragraphs on how good it feels to finally get your first release out and stuff but was too lazy to do so.

On an unrelated note, with this release i have ended MetalShadow's combo.

[del]**MrE Edit:** Minor fixes coming in; if you're going to archive, wait for the go-ahead.[/del]
[del]**MrE Edit:** Should be OK now... hopefully...[/del]
[del]**MrE Edit:** Nope, apparently not! One more round![/del]
MrE Edit: Should be OK now... hopefully...

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Nice!! Thank you so much!! For all the work you are putting, you dont get enough credit, but we all love you guys for always bringing such high quality chapters!!


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can't wait for the next one. :)

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