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This needs a timeskip chapter to give the readers closure.

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I won't tell the teacher "Yet" well... She certainly never did.

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love this but the ending, the nurse, and her issues with her parents left me unsatisfied :(

joined Jul 23, 2020

hoping some of the shorts from the author's twitter gets translated

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I sometimes enjoy wishy washy yuri, but only if one of the characters ends up fessing up at the end. This however, feels more like a yuri crush than an actual yuri seems the teacher seem to care about the student in a non-romantic way. Well, i hope the author updates it in the near future and develops the romance much more.

Agree. its more romantic on the students end of things. i wish this story was more of a longer read. Even Hino san no Baka starts off with a lot of flirting and SOL, before romantic development.

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