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If there's Nijisanji tag, why not Hololive?¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Some of the folks with the power to do things aren't familiar with the vtuber world.
I was debating just merging all of them together into Virtual Youtuber, but ended up giving hololive a tag instead so we can enjoy those neat crossover moments. And tbf, Nijisanji has 100+ members now. Might be nice to have them separate so I can wtf at some of the stuff.

  • Dola x Honma Himawari are psuedo mother and daughter. ド葛本社/Dokuzuhonsha if you're interested in the family shenanigans.
  • Mirei x Roa is feelsbad since they don't collab with each other anymore for reasons.
  • Kaede stuff feels awkward because she's said she's straight and didn't want to be shown pictures like the KaeMito Citrus parody one (tho that's back in 2018, unsure if she's still pls do not show me). She's fine with people saying stuff like "KaEru are cute" and "KaeMito tete" though.

But uh some other Nijisanji pairings/people of interest that aren't on Dynasty as of whenever I originally post this...!

LizAn / リゼアン / Lize Helesta x Ange Katrina

  • Childhood friends both in vtuber lore and in-person.
  • iirc Japan fandom says stuff like, KaeMito introduced me to yuri, LizAn is real, SukoTomo is the truth.
  • I think Ange's mentioned on a stream that gender doesn't matter to her. But please be careful in her streams in general cuz she can talk about some lewd things. Be especially careful in any SKB Club related stream.

Kingyozaka Meiro (x Eve)

  • After showing her opening animation in her introduction stream, she uhhh... "Did you know that a boy's nipples are a vestige of a girl's boobs when they're still in their mother's belly. So that means everyone here is a girl, right?"
  • Same stream where she gives us her backstory which was basically here's how I met Eve in the woods between our school and I am pretty gay for her. Eve is also half-Russian and Meiro tells us phrases/words that she's learned from Eve.
  • Meiro did a picture diary stream of her date with Eve. The stream is called "Love Love Date Diary" and the thumbnail says "Yuri Date♡". And in one of her drawing streams, she talked about how she loves cute girls, how everyone loves cute girls, and proceeds to talk about her awesome cute Nijisanji senpai.


  • From Nijisanji English branch (previously known as Nijisanji India) and can speak both English and Japanese.
  • Things she's said on stream: "I get to be my truest gay self here (as a vtuber), even though I'm technically not fully gay. Gender doesn't matter. Women are just great. Girls are great."
  • That 3 hour coffee date stream with Nijisanji Indonesia member, Hana Macchia...

Melissa Kinrenka

  • They've talked about being gender fluid, asexual, and how men/women are the same/just humans to them.
  • iirc they'll use "watashi" in writing because it's more polite, but "boku" everywhere else. The other streamers tend to refer to Melly with masculine pronouns and chats will do the same.
  • Talked about how diverse Nijisanji is. They felt that the company would likely accept them regardless of their gender and given how some of the other folks in Nijisanji are, this is a great thing to hear considering Japan/Asia.

Kuroi Shiba

  • They're technically a dog, but they also love yuri. They get to be mentioned for being a good (gay) dog. And for having some fun streams with/about Crossick, lol. Tomoe trying to cheat on Sukoya Minecraft incident, Shiba locking them up in one of those "can't escape until you've [REDACTED]" rooms in Minecraft, Shiba listening to that first offline collab ASMR stream and pining cuz they want a girlfriend, etc
  • I still haven't watched their talk stream with Tomoe, but Tomoe mentioned how Shiba taught her the word バリタチ/someone who only tops in a recent stream, so now I'm wondering what else this doggo knows. (And indirectly what Tomoe doesn't know because she wasn't familiar with フェムタチ/femme top and ボイタチ/butch top among other things in said stream.)

Gundou Mirei and Aizono Manami get a small shout out for having dated women, but I don't look at their content all too much because I'm baby. (Also huh @ Gundou having a ring from her ex-girlfriend in a relationship that lasted 3 months on a profile page somewhere)

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