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hahahaha mahou shounen
this reminds me of oto x maho, the first trap series i've read

joined Nov 11, 2013

Let's get some yuri in this, ya.

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I hate trap >"<
Oooaa :((

joined Jan 12, 2014

that proposal... my nosebleed won't stop ////

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star light how can you say that just look at there cuteness there way cuter than any girl can be!!

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Gosh this has turned Romance

joined Sep 19, 2015

love the proposal part !! and yes! to romance tag 33

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The Yaoi tag needs to be added. It might help more people to avoid this

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Oh, this is yaoi, huh? I would suggest adding the tag so that it might help more people to find this! Magical girl cross-dressing yaoi sounds good to me!

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totally not addicted
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I need a LOT more of this in my life.

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