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Page 22 references this.

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RIP Haruka, you try to be supportive of your friends' relationship and they take the opportunity to flirt right in front of you instead :V

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Last page's Haruka is a gargantuan mood

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"This is nothing for a healing idol like Mami" really brought back that Namassuka (the scanlator) nostalgia. It's exactly what she says to Yukiho in Unit in her dream.

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Wow, I feel bad for not noticing this at release and just responding to this now, but thank you Yuri Project. It’s truly a dream come true to see the finished project! Unknown.’s work is so, so important to me. Inspirational really, considering like he’s the only guy who liked YukiMami and strode to create his own stories and legacy. Damn, admirable, the characterization great, the art great. Wish he’d chose to continue on but writing an outstanding 9 or 10 stories worth of high quality content is more than enough.

Hope he’s doing well and the others will discover his work. Thanks for reading and thanks for scanlating!

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