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Yusssss, thank you!!! <3 And Happy Birthday Saaya Chan!! :3

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Today on BanG Dream, we learned that it would be incredibly easy to kidnap Kasumi
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Look,,I TOLD myself, no, I have to stop selling my soul to cute idol girls, I fuckin told myself. I resisted getting into this series even after seeing all the recent cute images, because when I looked it up, I saw the very thing that would push me further into idol hell.
And then this series gets uploaded.
Oh well. Guess its too late.
(Jokes aside, thanks scanlators. Really excited to start this series.)

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where's tsundere arisa?

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where's tsundere arisa?


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But where did the stars lead?

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Moe up the butt

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But where did the stars lead?

To a gruesome end if this were ANOTHER kind of manga


but it's a Moe manga so everything is alright!

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What if... MOE

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What if... MOE

Not just MOE, but MEGA-MOE!

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