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For the sake of on topic. I like the art in this series, but the story just seems very lacking. I dunno, maybe I should try reading it again it's been forever.

ooh yeah the art is pretty good...i like it also....the story is depressing.....

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hah i totally triumphed by morning!!! haha ...i rule...ummm i think... i might not though...i don't think i messed up anything big...but maybe i did... .....fuck it...woteva.....>.>

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joined May 22, 2013 that this thread i post the link or the YP thread?...also i better be the only person editing this...if someone comes along and makes my effort meaningless i'll be .....well ...a little bit pissed...i should be ready for some QC by morning....will i need lube for that?

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wow...good links....i'll have a go..... what do i do with them once i'm finished....?

oh and what size approx should each jpeg jpeg file ok?...

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Huh? How about editing the pages? As in "delete original Japanese text, replace with English version". And don't forget the cleanup and all. I'm no editor, but usually it seems to be more than a simple one-evening task.

yeah i could definitely do that shit no probs...probably...but i'm lazy so if someone wants to get me the chapter raws and translation first i'll do the rest...probably...or a link or something....yuri project is like the worst site to navigate least it seems that me.......

...oh...i should say i've also enjoyed the series...when it was being released ....ages ago that was...

.....the only reason i'm willing to put in a shift on this is cos i feel i owe it to the community...that i've been leeching off for some time now.....anyways....>.>

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It's also worth mentioning that the next chapter has been translated on Yuri Project and is awaiting an editor.

really? i'll edit it i need to know japanese?...hmmm...what does an editor do on a translated chapter...whatever it is ... i could do it...probably... ...hmmm... .....

How did it Began? 07 Sep 04:39
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for me it was watching was something that pressed all the right buttons for me...there was no turning back....

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oh...hope akuma no riddle is mega angsty...i like my yuri anime to be angsty

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i'm sorry much as love lesbians it's toma or nobody

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ok...this chapter was dramatically better than the last translation...gratz all involved the series...<3

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childhood friend never wins etc.

damn right they never win... haven't you seen shuffle?

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i can't see any significant differences between this effort and the last translation....both were good...i found the first one funnier...

Apparently showering years of romantic affection on someone should guarantee romantic affection in return. This is oddly reminding me of all the people who complain about being friend-zoned on Yahoo Answers.

weren't they making out like a few chapters back?

seriously... were you actually reading this manga? are you just looking at the pictures?

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It's always great to see a new Morishima work, her art is always great.

ikr!?! her art is scrumptious

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You'll agree this bears little resemblance to the version on Batoto. There's no reference to being left alone, being hated, being understood, being a freak, going easy on anyone, or hating table tennis. Basically the entire dialogue was invented from thin air. And this is hardly the most egregious example. The most important lines seem to have been the ones most heedlessly rewritten. Those who read the fake releases may have thought they were reading Hana to Hoshi, but they were really reading an entirely different (and much less elegantly told) story.

fair enough...i'll of course read both versions but sometimes taking liberty with translation can be good. in this case i enjoyed the translated chapters. they told a decent story, it was funny and emotional....i hope that the correct translation lives up to what i have read so far.xD

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Fake "translations" seem to have appeared for Chapters 9, 10 and 11. The dialogue in most places has only slight correspondence to the original and in many cases is entirely invented.

care to elaborate...seemed a pretty good translation to me...

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ooh 9 10 and 11 came out all at once...feels like the end to another beloved series...though it was a satisfying end for oncexD

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i love this happy to see this on dynasty scans...what with it's immaculate reader and all...:)

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The last chapter was kind of horrible in every way, but, aside from that, I liked it

lol...yeah that about sums it up for me...

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is there the second part too ? where they run away ?
i really want to re-read it but i can't find it anywhere !!!

you can find it at [no] it alright to say that?...the name of another site?... [not that site]

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...i totally bought girl friends...pre order and everything...but the nana hitomi saga...mmmm...idk...maybe....i'll think about it....

edit....ok i just read it's a definite must buy...

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Really no clue what to make of this series anymore. There are several side plots that Shimura won't really be able to resolve properly - which we know is her favorite thing to do -

i'm not sure what side stories your talking's always been about fumi and akira more than for the relationships of every other character in the don't have to have a clear and decisive ending for them all do you?

relationships change as we get older...unless we have some epilogue describing everything that happens to every single character up until death(which would be rubbish imo)...there'll never be complete closure.

and the main couple is headed toward the most abrupt (and predictable) conclusion I can ever remember reading. With as drawn-out and expansive as the story is, it just feels strange to end it this way.

I agree a bit with this...the ending is abrupt...i wonder why she's ending it?...but i'm not sure how predictable it is...could go either way... I'm leaning toward everyone goes their separate ways(i love sad endings)...but it could just as easily be fumi and akira have a half chapter misunderstanding drama and...then they get it on...either way i'm excited and sad whilst waiting for the final chap!!!

edit:thanks for the swift re-upload...i love this reader:)

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Oddman 11 discussion 01 Jun 16:36
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the art reminds me of voynich is the same guy right...just name spelt differently...wherever you find it...:(

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Truth discussion 30 May 06:39
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What a convoluted way to make your love interest available (and vulnerable), but when you're a ponytail-sporting master manipulator, what else are you going to do for fun?

...ponytail sporting master manipulator is spot on...

Why yuri is so good? 28 May 07:51
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but as for me, i love yuri coz i see the love between two females as pure, sweet, sincere, cute and all.

...i don't really get this pure and sweet of my fave yuri's is maka maka...what i love about yuri is the romance between two's beautiful...quite simply...imo...the pinnacle of sexuality...

...I am ex lover was bisexual...i loved her immensely... i still do. When we went our separate ways...we would still meet and talk and stuff...I hated the thought of her with another man...i still do...but when she would tell me about the girls she had met...well...I didn't mind...because i thought it would have been wonderful to see...and imagining it made me horny...and we would generally have sex while she told me...

I like to imagine that if...somehow...the human race were to evolve into a genderless species...we would all be women...because all a male brings to the equation is a cock and balls...there'd be no need for cock and balls anymore...that would be deep blue paradise...if i was a woman i would totally be lesbian...

edit;...oh and as i once read somewhere "cute girls should be with cute girls" ...imo...

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