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There's something entertaining about a username meaning "triangle" posting only to a story called "How to Break a Triangle." (No criticism, I'm just easily amused by word games.)

Lol you got me there. At first I didn't intend to step in the forum and just be a silent reader (without having an account) but yes to what Cogito said.

this manga is managing to call forth a lot of passion in its readership. I think that's a sign of its high quality.

This series would certainly be my favorite ever. Every main characters here are so complex in depth just how I love it because IRL people are also that complex. We do good things but we also do bad things, both to get by what we need/want to do in life itself.

Personally, I find the trio's struggle to be relatable or at least understandable (aside of Aya's case of time-shift), bit by bit after we get to see their respective POV.

So when some readers come at them my mind was like, "Huh? How are you not understand them after reading their own POV?"

But after the debate I get the conclusion that our value just doesn't match one another. Hence the varied opinions from readers.

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She witnessed the confession in school. She hid it. She had a conversation with Aya on Tanabata day. She hid it.

Why should she tell the two about eavesdropping the confession? Did it matter that much after Aya confessed that she's dating Koto? Erika said "I know" and Aya didn't even ask how did she know since it really is not an issue in anyway.
And her conversation with Aya during Tanabata day which "this" Aya knows nothing of the sort, because apparently it never happened to this version of Aya. We probably gonna find out what was the conversation about in the future.

On the other hand, Erika's suffering is nothing compare to Koto since is not that big of deal to give up on someone who obviously can't reciprocate your feelings.

Must be nice to never feel it's that big of deal to give up on your crush—who is also your closest friend—for years. To never dwell with the "what if(s)" situations if things were right. Must be nice, must be really nice.

Yeah, apparently using other as a rebound is the only way in this world to move on from someone else.

The only way...? Oh the irony. If that's how you see how moving on should be then let us agree to disagree here. I'll still believe that using others as rebound isn't necessary to actually move on and start anew with someone else who isn't just to simply fill the void, but to really have the connection, to have the chemistry, and to fall in love deeply with another one.

How can you be so sure?
Maybe Erika is just waiting for the right time to meddle in their relationship.

I'm not talking about what Erika would do in future chapters, I'm not the author after all. But so far, she didn't meddle even if she has all the chances, when:
1. she hangs out alone with Koto at a cafe
2. Aya reached out to her and visited her place to talk
And by those chances, it was Koto and Aya who started the talk about the issue in their relationship. Not the other way around.

Aya wanted to escape from her shitty home situation; Erika wanted to drive a permanent stake through Koto and Aya's relationship; and Koto, as we're learning, wanted Aya to be dependent on her.

This is absolutely an interesting take, (young) Koto's wish never crosses my mind because well, she got the girl of her dreams after all. I'll look forward to the day the series reveal how or why the time-shift happened.

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Maybe I'm misremembering but didn't Koto go through a long series of rebounds, and when she finally turned to Erika for one Erika turned her down bc she knew it wasn't real/earnest?

Exactly. I stated my points before about Erika's not moving on case is a bit less similar with Koto before but I guess eh, let the Erika haters hate her for being unable to understand how she has been holding on all this time.

Let's say if Erika tried to move on to someone else before having closure to her feelings with Koto, doesn't that would just make her the same as a high school Koto ver. 2? Is that really a mature solution then? No, isn't it?

"Erika has 7 years worth of being together with Koto, why didn't she try to make a move on Koto even once? Koto even asked her to go out with her at some point."

Because Erika clearly KNOWS how Koto hasn't moved on from Aya, of course she wouldn't want to start something so artificial, nor as a rebound, she wants to start it right with Koto. So she has to wait, that's the only thing she could do for now.

But from the beginning, Erika has been an asshole to Aya, hiding things from her, not caring two bits about what happened in these seven years, not telling her about how Koto suffered and when Aya disappeared,

Really... It's not Erika's place to tell Aya how Koto suffered through those years. Koto and Aya are together currently so it should be Koto who tells Aya, although it seems she doesn't want to tell Aya the truth. Erika shouldn't meddle about this matter, she knows there's a fine borderline that she shouldn't cross. Trust me, it's not good when someone (even if it's a close friend) meddle on their own into an ongoing relationship that is not theirs.

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So, when she comes back and learn that he passed away, it's a huge relief for her. An enormous burden is lifted and she now can think about the future.

I have similar thought about this. Some people might come at Aya later if that is the case though. "So even Aya is not a perfect person" but her struggle is also understandable.

After rereading latest chapter I just noticed something else, the holding hands matter. When Aya went on date with adult Koto, the first thing she wonder was if they were gonna hold hands that day. So Aya was waiting for Koto to initiate it first like how young Koto promised her. So cute.

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Finally we get to see Koto's point of view of "what kind of life has she been living while Aya was gone", so readers would understand more about her suffering (+ how her obsession was building) and not forget about that as the story goes later.

Now we also know that Aya's grandfather was somewhat in danger, probably from illness? Was his condition become a burden to Aya? Since after the time-shift Aya was relieved from something related to her grandpa by thinking "the picture is not all dark" in early chapter. This is of course just a wild guess of mine, we still don't know clearly what actually happened in Aya's household.

Also lol it's not that big to the story but I think it's kinda funny how we only found out Koto's surname after 11 chapters. I was wondering when will we get to find it out since we already know Aya's and Erika's quite early.

Thanks for the chapter translation btw!!

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The time travel is never addressed. Aya just re-appeared after 7 years on the day Koto and Erika were visiting their old middle school and Koto was finally ready to move on. It's too much of a coincidence.

About this, I actually wonder what Erika was about to say before Koto cut her because of the bell sounds.

"Koto, you know..."
Was she about to finally tell her feelings and Aya reappeared at such perfect timing?

There's still that conversation between Aya and Erika on Tanabata day that hasn't been addressed yet. Did Aya forget or is she a version of Aya from the day before? Is it even the "real" Aya or are we in some kind of theater play?

Ya this makes me think that there might be parallel universe in the story. The time just didn't match up for the "current" Aya who was still on D-1 Tanabata, meanwhile Erika said that they had a talk during the Tanabata day. If that really is the case then there should be "original" Aya somewhere, the version who talked with Erika before disappear.

For now I believe there's something more than just this story being all a play, but we'll see. This back and forth story flow just hides so many things. What a smart way to get our brain to wonder here and there.

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in this thread we have Koto x Erika fans and Koto x Aya fans, but is anyone else an Aya x Erika fan?

I'm sure I saw some of Aya x Erika fans from previous posts or in other forum aside dynasty. Logically speaking, in the big what if ground, I honestly think Aya x Erika would make a healthy couple (let's put aside the age gap matter in this theory). Both of them knows how to do things right, what needs to be done to move forward, and if they get tackled by an issue, they definitely would talk it out. Erika would bring it first to solve the matter meanwhile Aya would probably try to bottle it as she doesn't want to get abandoned like how her mother did. That's how I imagine it would be.

But still, that is not the point of this series looking how their hearts are already set, for now. It's still interesting to imagine them nonetheless.

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Unlike Aya's situation, Erika's struggle is really annoying since it's not really that hard to give up on sb who never looks in her direction.
Unfortunately, she doesn't even fucking try.(It's funny that some Erika fans blame Koto for i

I view Erika's struggle as a little bit similar with Koto, not in a way of losing her loved one so suddenly but more in a way that her feelings get stuck for seven years. Erika couldn't even try to make a move on Koto, knowing well Koto was being stuck with Aya's disappearance.
Remember the chapter where Erika just found out that Koto tried to fall in love with someone else (but failed anyway)? Erika was wondering if it's even fair for Aya if she decided to try to make a move or confess her feelings to Koto. She definitely feel it doesn't feel right for her to do that so she never try. What she does is patiently wait for Koto to be able to heal from the trauma and move on from Aya completely before she could finally try on confessing her real feelings.

So, basically Aya's disappearance wasn't only affecting Koto's love life, but also Erika's.

ps. I wouldn't say I'm Erika's fans nor Koto's and neither Aya's. I love the main trio and fond of how distinctive they are, as simple as that

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The characters are human and expecting them to be perfect and act 'in the proper way' all the time is boring.

Exactly what I also think! If every characters in the story act accordingly, the series would probably end in like 5 chapters or so. That would be sad (at least for me) because I really do enjoy reading this one.

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Many people in this forum clearly doesn't understand Koto's suffering from that PTSD and we will see them come at her soon after reading the last chapter.

I'm not too sure if the boy's role is gonna be some kind of love rival or not but I should say Aya befriending him is a good thing. He could help her with the situation Aya must deal in order to fill in the seven years gap that Koto is unable to do because of her own anxieties.

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It's like l see a ship destined to sink but can't do anything about it.

It's too early to say Koto and Aya gonna sink imo, we're only at chapter 9 for now. Anything can happen in the future. There might be character development, more drama and twists, and whatever Kabocha wants to do in this manga. I'm looking forward to see how the story gonna go. So far every chapter feels fresh to me that I never get bored in rereading them all over again.

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I honestly think Koto doesn't know Erika's feelings. If she does, she would probably react in some way or another. Like we all know she's a deep one when it comes to real feelings (but is clumsy in expressing it) especially when it comes from her only best friend.

I wouldn't say Koto is trying to manipulate Erika. The reason why she asked Erika out in previous chapter just show how broken she was after Aya's disappearance, even after years passed by. She tried to fill in the hole with anyone who confessed to her but nevertheless it's all in vain. While asking Erika out was probably her last resort of trying, still in hope that it would turn out different than the rest of her previous exes. How is it different? It's because Koto feel safe to tell Erika anything, without hiding her feelings at all. Surely her exes doesn't know Koto that well but Erika does, and Koto must have known this too. Just not about Erika's actual feelings.

I do actually wonder about Erika's condition after finding out Aya accepted Koto's confession during middle school. How she felt, how she coped up and all. I believe her (mysterious) conversation with Aya in Tanabata day must have a serious impact for the story, if we ever find out in the future chapter that is.

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This manga is truly amazing, the plot, the arts, the characters, I love everything in it.

The theme is intriguing and each chapter makes me more engaged to read more and more also anticipating what the author would offer in the next one.

Aside of the supernatural thing happened to Aya, everything else is so realistic, each character feels very human and all are relatable to me.

Although I see some people dislikes either Koto or Erika (for being stuck to one person even after 7 years), I myself think their feelings are valid and natural because I believe everyone do have their own special someone who cannot be replaced no matter what and even though the relationship isn't going well (or even broken). It's like that certain person is your dream girl/guy that nobody else could ever replace for the rest of our life.

Wondering how (and why) Erika falls for Koto during junior school and how Aya finally realize she begin to like Koto after her confession is so exciting (yeah I know there's some in chapter 4 but a little bit more of details would also be a nice addition, I like knowing the process of their feelings).

Both Koto and Erika aren't saints, they are ordinary girls who has their flaws and bad sides, just like us. Hence why I really like how the story goes and would follow it to the end.

I also love how the author has been switching point of view between the trio. That way made me could sympathize to each character more easily and thought to myself that there is no villain at all out of the three (as of now).

The author said a physical release will probably depends on the sells of the ebook, and a physical release will allow for a broader audience. Kabocha is a small author, so every sales counts. It's time to show some support :)

Just search for 三角形の壊し方 on Amazon or Pikkoma and you'll find it.

Thank you so much for telling that the manga is available on Amazon, I bought the first two volume just the other day and would continue to buy each chapter from now on!