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It has also been pointed out that this argument is unconvincing, considering that the queen didn't have a choice to say no. Or is anyone arguing that she could have done that ? I haven't seen it.

Momo is clearly going to, at no point does mary even say that she wants to try and contest it after all

its never mentioned at all in fact, whether she could or couldnt is a detail thats omitted and purely an opinion of the readers

even if her choice would have been ignored, she could have still tried instead she immediately accepts that her and Juju are over

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considering Juju moved on and had a kid, and since it doesnt seem like theyve continued their thing into adulthood despite having plenty of opportunities, seems to me like the Queen always knew her thing with Juju was going to be short term

and just because it was an arranged marriage doesnt mean she had no choice, Momo has a stack of suitors as the third princess so Mari should have had other options, im betting that the two of them had a few dates and if they decided they didnt like each other it would be called off and a different suitor would appear