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Good thing she listened to her editor, if they already went at it in the first chapter without any build up it would be even more stale. Just shows that Iwami is such a good artist with great esthetic sense but she's not a good writer.

She clearly has a thing for cheating, but I wonder if she thought of the story beyond that. Some more character development, interesting twist and turns, subverting expectations would be dope.

Yuni as protagonist and Nanase are so god damn boring, I admit the only interesting character is the mental Fuuko. I understand why people like her the most lmao.

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Don't tell me she will confess to move on? Wow I always appreciate some legit plot development

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Exactly my rant a few posts before lmao xD

Yeah I read that and wholeheartedly agree. The thing is so far this manga is pure sadism, everything is set up to make Fuyuki suffer.

Because of this cheap promise she won't confess hence Eri stays clueless and keeps all the guys that railed her rubbing into Fuyukis face. Eri is also clearly emotional damaged, its pretty much statistically proven that people who are promiscuous. with a high body count tend to be more likely to fail in longterm relationships. She doesn't even like the guy, she just goes along with it cause he genuinely cares for her. Not once was there a hint of Chemistry between them.

She's a hugely flawed character to set up more misery for Fuyuki. I truly hope she's acting like this cause she's clueless about Fuyukis Feelings, otherwise she's just an unredeemable cunt.

My point is this story is nothing more than a Trainwreck to play your feelings and that's why it's so engaging. It's good purely for the cheap drama, but as a girl love manga pretty worthless so far.

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I don't know what to make of these stories, I mean in general it's fine, gay people fall in love with straight people all the time and suffer for it. But can this story be truly considered Yuri then?

So far there is none of it and it wouldn't surprise me if this het stuff drags on till the end when suddenly (maybe) Eri realises she's gay for Fuyuki. You might get an extra chapter of them being together after going through all this crap, and that's it. Also the protagonist not being able to move on because of some BS promise kinda kills immersion for me, I would find it more believable if she's just a poor idiot who can't let go.

It kinda reminds me of doujinshi tagged under Yuri because theres one panel of girls kissing but the rest of it is a sausage fest.

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Mashiro is still whoring herself out, how can she be mad at what makino is doing lmao.

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I understand Fuyuki not confessing to Eri out of fear of losing a friend but the bff promise they made some years ago is such contrived BS. Eri is emotional damaged but she got kinda over the bullying, she's doing pretty good imo, she has friends and hobbies, goes to college with an active dating life (albeit not very wholesome) but she's young so she has still time to settle.

Her biggest flaw is definitely the unhealthy clinging to Fuyuki, that's also pretty selfish and not cool since she has to be somewhat aware of her feelings. One could say she exploits the fact she never has to turn her down because of the "promise" :')

Fuyuki is acting like if she breaks that years old promise Eri wont survive it. I do like complicated relationships and my drama but only if I can somewhat relate to the characters that act like real people.

I really did like this one untill the BFF promise.

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I can't believe there are people in a yuri forum who preach teen chastity.

I get enough of that sicko shit from Christian conservatives in everyday life; I don't come here to read that girls with an active sex life are brainless.

I don't think anyone is preaching, nor saying that, it's more about having some restrained.You don't sleep around when you are in a relationship just because you can't keep your hormones in check, Yuni is not a god damn animal.

Having next to no inhibition even at that age are signs of psychological problems or extreme lack of maturity.

It's completely fine to be promiscuous if that floats your boat but doing that while in a relationship is just scummy. I think the problem is this whole thing speaks to edgy young people while older folks like me who have been there, done that know it's unhealthy and that sparks all kinds of discussion.

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I just noticed this series started in 2017 and there are barely any updates. I hope the author will wrap things up accordingly before this just fades away. It's really good for what it is

idk what you mean barely any updates. Oct '17 to July '23 are 69 months (nice). with 85 chapters the series is on a better schedule than others with a monthly release schedule like it

The Author released 15 chapters the last 24 months, they used to publish 2 chapters a month and that went down to once a month with breaks of nothing for 3 to 5 months.

I don't know if the author has had health issues or just less time/interest but at this pace I'm concerned it will get a proper ending. I mean they are self published and you can read everything for free. It's more of a passion project so if they feel like it they can just drop the whole thing.

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I just noticed this series started in 2017 and there are barely any updates. I hope the author will wrap things up accordingly before this just fades away. It's really good for what it is

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I love how this series subverts, indeed denies and makes a mockery of, the inevitable Dynasty commenters’ attempt to sort characters into “the worst one” (who is the cause of all the problems) and “the best one” (who has done nothing wrong and suffers unjustly).

Insert 3 x Spider-Mans pointing at each other meme here.

EDIT: lol Not that that ever stopped anybody (see below).

This series does not deny nor mock anyone discussing the moral standing of it's characters. The only thing trying making a mockery of people discussing something they are passionate about are comments like yours and and mostly anyone here arguing. And did you really think that your remark would stop anyone talking about the moral standing of our beloved sumbags?

This series is all about 2 people acting at their worst while Nanase isn't perfect either but saying she's on level of Yuni or Fuuko is hilarious. So ofcourse people would have a discourse about whose the worst one. Yunis is, even Sensei mentioned it :').

And that some commenters (not you) excuse a 17-18 years old actions by suggesting she has the cognitive ability of a toddler who doesn't know how to act like a decent human being is the funniest thing I have read here so far.

I think the fact that people are so vigorously discussing a dumb fictional story like this shows how good it actually is. Thanks to the beautiful art and spicy content mind you.

Everyone is free to interpret and enjoy this however they want like how we are all free to comment on it. And if anyone is bothered by it, I don't think a forum is the right place for you then.

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Damn, so thinking a fictional character is interesting in spite of or even because of her flaws means I lack common sense. And here I thought I was doing quite well on it.

Well you could argue that me and other who highly dislike Fuukos psychotic behavior (stalking, obsession, manipulation,abuse, blackmail etc..) lack common sense since there are so many Fuuko simps.

But I hope we all can find common ground in the fact that Yuni is even more unlikable than Fuuko and Nanase. Yuni is such milquetoast, like folks said before I'll give her a few chaps tops before she's scissoring Fuuko again XD

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That someone can read this story and think that Fuuko is some sort of hero is still a mystery for me. She is clearly mentally sick.

Yuni will without doubt cheat again. She did not even say that she was sorry, and she kissed Fuuko seconds before Nanase arrived. She really is the worst. Her only redeeming feature is that she clearly is mentally sick as well and therefore her actions is more due to her issues then any malicious intentions.

Nanase has no spine and is the architect of her own future misfortune.

I agree. It astonished me that Fuuko had so much supporters, because people think that Nanase is a horrible girlfriend (there is some truth to this). But they also forgot that the only reason why Fuuko knew things about them is because she is super obsessed with Yuni and stalked her. To the point where she shows up uninvited to places that she knew Yuni and Nanase would be, or in another case shows up to places that Yuni expected Nanase.

Additionally, she took advantage of Yuni's mental state and easily manipulated her into cheating. Now I'm not saying Yuni is innocent, cheating takes two people. And although Yuni was coerced (I say this because Fuuko basically bothered her everyday until she gave in), Yuni also eventually gave in to the desire of having a relationship where she gets attention (something she lacked and wanted with Nanase).

To me, Fuuko is not likable nor a hero (as you mentioned). She quite literally took advantage of a situation from a person she stalked and is obsessed with. Then throws a fit when she finds out that she was only a side-piece for attention and comfort (even though she tells Yuni all the time about how she's okay with being the number two girl. But I feel that's just a manipulation tactic to make Yuni feel more okay about cheating as long as Nanase is branded as "number 1 girl"). Fuuko is unlikable and creepy

I'm glad I'm not the only one with common sense. If Fuuko wasn't so charming, pretty and rich to boot people would be crept out by her.

But hey, everyone is free to enjoy this wild ride in their own interpretation eh.

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Ok didn't like this chapter at all

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Did not expect more chapters, I thought this was dropped because it got licensed? Well I'm not complaining

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Himawari is such a messed up cunt, hurting others because you are broken is just sad. Luckily her shit isn't pulling at all with Yurika

Damn girl, clearly your cunt hasn't been messed up in a while

No but I bet your little cunt has no issues with that, and how dare you to assume my gender bro

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Looks cute and fun, Yanagi truly is a slave to her desires...

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Himawari is such a messed up cunt, hurting others because you are broken is just sad. Luckily her shit isn't pulling at all with Yurika

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I like this in the sense of it makes you incredibly uncomfortable and puts you on edge without showing anything explicit. I only see this ending in tragedy when both kids have horrible parents at that age.

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Haha I like the energy, "immolation" XD she got burned hard. Luckily our protag has a thick skin and how can you take this seriously with the overall tone.

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That was quite the surprise in her curry...

I guess she isn't as good at chopping foodstuffs as she claimed to be, hm?

The author seems to have a thing for a particular type of girl: blonde, well-shaped, attractive, with a slim waist and bulging boobs. And, personality-wise, a bubbly airhead. Kinda makes me wonder if the author isn't an American white man, because 90% of them share that pref. ;>

This is a nice silly, funny manga. I'll keep reading to see how Hinata keeps expanding her harem of busty blonde fluffheads!

Isn't that the average fantasy of japanese man? Admiring what they don't have, blonde, curvy, open bubbly personality, polar opposites of most Japanese women. Also I'm pretty sure 90% of all men appreciate this kind of woman.

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I call bait, and how on earth is she supposed to carry her to bed with those skinny arms

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Great story so far and really good characters, too. I'm excited for more updates. The only downside is that there's been three other girls who look similar to the antagonist and it has confused me a few times

I feel you, it's hard to differentiate Carla from Hidako at times with the close ups.

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Oh finally made it here, this one is really good, dark but not too dark, edgy but not too edgy. Interesting setting and gives you all through out an uncanny feeling that something terrible can happen any moment.

Great food for dark fantasy isekai, Yuri fans without the dumbass harem.

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On that note, Haru and Hinoto seem to already be married. In sickness and in health and all that. No matter what problems they face, they'll face them together. And I think that's just beautiful.

Definitely, you already won in life when you find a better half like this. What they have is beautiful and believe me its amazing how much hardship and shit thrown at you one can handle in a relationship like this.

And like I said before they are still so young and ending on this note I'm sure they will do great.

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Happy ending I would say.

They are still together, still trying their best and live a happy while modest live. They are young so there's plenty of time to find succes. They can throw away their suit again when their resume and savings look better, makes it easier to adapt to any situation.

This is a good example of decent writing and I will definitely buy the official release, I enjoyed this alot. To some extent its even pretty relatable, I think most of us struggled at their age.

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