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Sorry to be a killjoy and ruin everyone's fun, but MOMO (the author) doesn't want her works to be uploaded for free without her permission, especially as this doujin in particular is available to buy online, so it's not like in other cases where doujins are out of print or impossible to read without a scanlation otherwise. MOMO is aware of this website and would like to request a takedown but she doesn't have an account here because of the language barrier. Is there a way she can contact the mods directly?

I obviously appreciate Dynasty's content and I respect the userbase's hard work, but as fans I think it's important to understand and respect the artist's wishes too.

Where's the official English translation then?

EDIT: I'm not against taking this down since it's the author's wishes but it is impossible to read without the scanlation as someone who can't read Japanese or traditional Chinese (the only language options on the storefront).

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