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Their Story discussion 01 Jul 18:55
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Now that I actually recall where I saw this stuff last time, this has be a very direct critique of victim blaming and fearmongering, regardless of who is doing it. Last year there was a deadly incident in China, where a young woman named Li Mingzhu was raped and killed after using a popular ride-share application.

Professor Wang Dawei gave this exact advice we see in this chapter to women, so they can avoid getting assaulted or killed. Also, this insensitive prick even said that more attractive women have to do be even more careful about it:

"In a now-deleted Weibo post regarding the Didi case, Wang suggested women should not hail rides under three circumstances — when it’s late at night, when the destination is a remote or unfamiliar location, or when the passenger is a single woman without any companion."

Dawei is hardly the only one doing this, of course.

Because good advice is now offensive.
Lets face some reality here: You can not prevent a murder, rape or whatever by telling people not to do it. They already know that and do it anyway.
You have no control whatsoever over the action of other people. None. Nada.
What you have control over is your own actions.

Make of that what you will.

Also the overwhelming majority of murder victims in the entire world are men.
About 80% of victims are male:

What do we do about it? - Not giving a fuck. We do not think about it. We accept the risk. We always do. 90% of job fatalities are also men. Men do not give a fuck.
So women of the world: Learn to not give a fuck.
Then maybe you can close that pay gab.

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Zee is obviously an Apache attack helicopter.
This is not a manga about a cross dresser maid cafe but the story of someone with PTSD coming to terms with what happened in Iraq in 1991.

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Edit: Why do everyone assume Nanami speaks in a Kansai accent, when I've explicitly mentioned in every chapter that she doesn't? Lmao
People are gonna be so confused once the character who actually speaks in a Kansai accent shows up......

Uhm I guess reader on the internet, such as myself, have a habit of skipping or ignoring notes by the translators.
The page explaining your choice for the dialect... I honestly skipped right over it as it had no bearing on the plot.
After I read your comment here I did indeed go back and have a look and yes you did mention it but again I completely skipped over that side note.

I’m sorry to disappoint you.

As for why I jumped to the conclusion of Kansai probably because it is one of the more known/used?

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I like this setup very much.
As for the dialect translation is she supposed to be from a rural area of Kansai or something?
I mean I get that they have a strong accent but still I wouldn’t translate a manga like this.

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Beni the manga?
Beni plays the shamisen.

Anyway its cute. Keep going.

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