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In school I had some Muslim friends. They were kind and nice and of accepting of me even though I was bi-sexual. I understood from them that homosexuality was forbidden in their beliefs, but they themselves understood me and befriended me.

Try to be gay in an islamic country and we'll talk again lol

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You could say the same about any radically religious person, not just Muslims. Isis is motivating so, so many people to do shit like this, it's true. But I guess my point is you can't condemn an entire religion and its followers for the actions of a few, no matter how terrible those actions may be. You have to consider too how innocent people - including Muslims! - have been killed by radical Muslims.

Of course there's the claim that Muslim countries have much worse people's rights, especially for women. You can't really refute that, but Christian countries centuries ago weren't much better, so there's still a potential for things to get better. Obviously that's little compensation for what's happening now, though.

The fact is that christian people have evolved from the middle ages way a long time ago, but not muslims (except again the Ahmadiyyahs but they are much being under threat as us). Western capitalist democracy gave women and gays equal footing in society; Islam has arrived to roll the clock back.

Omar Mateen wasn’t just a homophobe, by the way. He was also a misogynist – a real one, not someone who offends feminists on Twitter with words – but someone who repeatedly beat his wife while they were married. Of course, as we saw in Cologne six months ago (and elsewhere in Europe) with the rapes and assaults in masse, this sort of behaviour isnt a radical way of thinking. It's the norm among islam followers and it's only going to be more obvious the bigger the community gets in a country. (UK and Sweden are prime examples, followed by Germany and France)

I also blame the security service, because apparently the killer was already being watched by the FBI. This happened in Brussels, too. Both times, the security services dropped the ball hard and people sadly died in the result.

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Did you really create an account specifically to co-opt this tragedy as a justification to spew your disgustingly bigoted worldview at us?

And how much people need to die yet before you finally wake up and see how the world truly is? It’s not just gay people under threat. Artists in the west now live in fear of being executed because they drew the wrong cartoon. Women face the terrifying prospect of being attacked at night for wearing a short skirt. Etc.

Muslims are allowed to get away with almost anything. And, of course, politicians and the media routinely turn a blind eye to the kind of sexism and homophobia that would instantly end the career of a non-Muslim — and perhaps get the latter arrested for 'hate speech' when he dared to object.

We are now living with the consequences of that "tolerance" taught in schools and medias. Gays executed in nightclubs. People lying in pools of blood. Women abused en masse.

Saying shit like "racism" is basically saying "stop saying the truth about things". I want this madness and those massacres to stop.

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I still cannot understand why some feel it is okay to pick up a gun and take out their frustration or hate on others and take their lives. I always thought I understood the world, but I don't know......

Killer was confirmed to be a muslim, and muslims are still stuck in the middle ages. Mainstream medias of course are trying to use the propaganda of islam being an "religion of peace", despite their holy book teach them the jihad and taquiyya (lying to non-believers). It also tells you something about the religion itself when Ahmadiyyahs (muslims that reject the jihad taught in the book) are considered as "non-muslims" and slaughtered by the rest of muslims.

It's really a pity that people continue to die (in the attacks of Paris twice, Brussels, and now this) and too many folks are still deceived or simply refuse to see the truth of whats going on.

The bar was also a gun-free zone (like the schools and supermarkets), which is synonymous for 'free target practice' as nobody is allowed to have a mean of defense. That wouldnt be maybe such an issue if this messy and ugly multiculturalism socitey wasnt a thing. Gun control isnt also the answer as it means less people being able to defend themselves again the potential incoming threats.

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