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Its me or the comment are really agressive toward yuni ?
I get the cheating was wrong. But they are kid who have to do mistake to grow and be better in life. The hate is real on some comment. In the end its a simple story of kid who discover what love mean and what they really want.
Ya know that this can happen to any couple. We can't really judge her because she's a teen who don't know what she really want and with who.
And no i don't defend what she have done to her girlfriend suppose girlfriend or whatever they are.
People do mistake and they have to learn from that or to moove on.

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When chapter 12 will come out ? The raw for chapter 13 has go out this week. I've norice when the raw get out we get the chapter before the new one. I'm a bit impatient to read chapter 12.

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Let's compare a little
Are girlfriend for sometimes, don't go on date, don't kiss everytime they see each other, don't have sex... well what do they di really ?

Have some dates, have kiss plainty of time every panel they are together. Have sex, do see each other a lot, talk, and so on

Fuuko maybe was ok at the start to be the second woman. But at time goes on, i think here feeling may have grow and now she don't want to be second.

She has given time to Yuni telling here that she would choose her if she let Fuuko be her one and only.

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Nanase is hypocrite.
For her is fine to have 2 things she likes at the same time (club and GF), but she forbade Yuni to have 2 girlfriends at the same time.

She is acting awfully wrong in this chapter toward Yuni and Fuuko.

is this a dumb joke or are you for real? because i actually saw people in other forums being completely divorced from reality on what an relationship works while reading the most absurd depiction of relationships ever this manga

You know this day someone can love more than one personn ? So Nanase telling Yuni she can love two things is quit ambigous here

Nanase can have 2 things she love Yuni and voleyball. But Yuni have to choose wich girls she want to be with and neither see the other one ever again.

Yes Fuuko since the start is acting on her interest and have a strange mindset but it wouldn't be interesting at all with no shit so...