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Gunjo discussion 28 Jan 03:22
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Megane-san has held on to these 550 yen for years. Ever since that time in high school.
That's why they're important. They're symbolic of the debt she felt she needed to pay to Blonde, and the reason she married that husband of hers in the first place. If memory doesn't betray me. We should all re-read the previous volume.

And maybe she gave the whole 550 to get 300 back, as a rounder sum.

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Whoa, so much dude hating.

While I agree that Fujiwara is an asshole, at least he's not concealing it. It's all out there. Hotaru knows.
And I'm pretty sure he's not blackmailing her. Hotaru isn't an innocent lamb. She does have problems, a lot of which stem from her being in love with Yuma and keeping it a secret (for fear of losing her as a friend, most likely).
Now she's being all grabby, maybe because she's reached her boiling point, or maybe she thinks Yuma's too innocent or too dumb to realize what the heck's going on.

As for the threesome thing, I'm not sure what he expects to happen. Everyone is being pretty terrible in this manga, besides Yuma's poor bf whose name I cannot recall at the moment.
Edit: Whoops, it's Takeda. Sorry, poor bf.

I'm looking forward to reading where the mangaka takes things next.

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Takeda is so boring.
Why is he popular again? For being a "good guy"?

Gunjo discussion 16 Aug 17:12
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Yo, everyone.

I'm the editor for this manga.
I've seen a bunch of questions and speculations regarding the fate the blond's ex.
It might take a while for us to finish the final part of the chapter, so I thought I'd at least give you that.
I still recommend waiting for the chapter itself, of course. =)

But if you want THE spoiler regarding the ex, here you go -

The ex is determined to put her life back on track. She looks for a new apartment and everything.
One night though, she gets drunk and starts reminiscing about the blonde and their time together.
While drunk, she takes a bath, falls asleep... and drowns.

To me personally, this was even more heartbreaking than if she had committed suicide.

So there you have it.

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In my opinion, interesting and creative couples like that are few and far in between and should at least be appreciated for their novelty. But I guess, this is not everyone's cup of yuri tea.
Sure, fairy tale stories where everyone's a girl who's into girls are fun, but that's not real, you know?
Sometimes I want a story that's closer to reality, that's more relatable, more fun, that presents a challenge beyond "this girl likes the other girl".
Sure, I agree Chieri isn't the best type of person, and that her and Mika are probably not going to work in the long run... But that happens, and if they want to try, well, it's up to them.

yuri should only be gay x gay not bi x gay.
hate bi.

What a lovely person you are.