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Fantastic, this is the ending I needed.

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Volume 2 (chapters 8-14) are available now officially translated in English.

They are better quality than the fan translations of those chapters (which are also up to 14 right now on other sites) and clarified some questions I had.

Late June is the official Volume 3 release in English with all 11 remaining chapters.

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I know the gag humor abuse of Tei isn't great morally, but a lot of it still manages to be really funny to me. Maybe because I was also really socially awkward but not THAT socially awkward and treated badly but not THAT badly. This makes it like an absurdist parody of myself in high school, which somehow makes me laugh.

Did they have to put a whole panel dedicated to the chest of an 11 year old?

You mean the lack of chest? I don't know, I actually really thought this was a step up from most manga (moderately depressing). They actually tell the underage character a relationship is inappropriate, and don't continuously sexualize her (with the exception of that panel, which is supposed to be a kind of reveal of her age).

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Spoilers for Chapters 1 through 12ish with a hint of 15.

My guess based on context clues and Ruri and Pure's conversation is that:

In the original timeline, Pure and Akira met at a later time (college most likely). After dating for a time, they fell in love and got engaged to be married overseas. However, tragedy strikes (sounds like cancer but could be something else).

As she dies, Akira says that she wishes she could have known Pure in high school, so that they could have had more time together. Pure takes this idea and runs with it, somehow acquiring access to Ruri/Sumire's time machine, and leaping back half a dozen years into Akira's past. She then attempts to find her and rekindle their relationship. This is where Chapter 1 starts.

Worth noting that in this timeline, Ruri seems to act more decisively, perhaps spurred by his conversation with Pure. His actions and goals seem borderline insane, going so far to ask Akira "Don't you wish we had never been born?" He seems determined to ruin his parents' relationship before they fall in love, thus saving his mother from the heartbreak that leads to her death.

Some of this is guesswork. It is worth noting that Pure's memories get lost the further she alters things, so the most accurate things she says about the original timeline are right at the beginning when they meet. After that, she slowly starts thinking she was delusional and loses certainty in everything she's said (though she can remember saying it).

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I've read four dog collar Yuri stories now. Two of them were pretty decent and relatively wholesome.

The other two were Her Pet and Bondage Play. I feel like reading those two scarred me.

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Time skip ending incoming after they reunite 5 years later after the move or something. Why does half the yuri end this way?

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Maybe I'm a jerk, but I think the author does a good job showing that while Honami likes the MC, she also keeps herself very busy and often doesn't have time for her. The MC's thoughts and memories are all of being alone for a good reason.

Hajime and Kei are both loners who like films. They've got more in common.

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To be honest, we all come here for the fiction that half the women or more in these works are lesbians.

Whereas the reality is that when you flirt with or crush on a hot girl or a girl with a great personality (or both) is that this happens 80%+ of the time.

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Credits page suggests this is about a different couple each chapter, which is kind of disappointing, NGL. This first couple is great.

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Fuck yeah, I love the “slightly evil cold lady gets her heart filled by the bright innocence of sunny, positive girl” trope. Put that shit into my veins.

Could not agree more. Take a box full of this and put my heart in it, so it can be continually fed those feels.

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I seriously doubt this manga will continue past the end of Arc 1 of the WN. That's basically Rei and Claire's story and the plot of Revolution. So all that stuff in the spoilers earlier is extremely unlikely to be relevant.

As to another comment's concern, there's some metaphor with reality's LGBT issues, and even some trans representation and discussion but outside one big argument with a couple nuns about whether or not homosexuality is bad, it doesn't play a big role. Ultimately, this is a romance story and a 'kingdom in revolution' story and nothing beyond those two things gets a very significant amount of time spent on it.

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That protagonist is dumb as a brick though. I can never understand why girls would prefer some greasy middleaged man that mostly likely could owerpower them instead of another nice looking girl. Have fun getting abused I guess.

Probably for the same reason a straight young guy wouldn't go out with a good looking looking guy over a greasy middle aged woman? Seems kinda silly to call someone dumb for not going against their genetic wiring.

Kinda funny seeing "Have fun getting abused" phrase, when plot of this is more or less typical hentai mind-break, just served as fluffy comedy with less graphic scenes. Yeah. I'm not buying this.

So a girl with the same age and strength is the same to you as some adult guy that is knowingly going for minors? Okay.

And yes, if you walk into the lion's den, expect to get eaten. Anyway, back to yuri.

It's worth pointing out that this mentality is literally victim blaming.

Additionally, I think we've progressed societally to the point where people don't have to date people physically weaker than them to feel safe.

Personally, I think muscular women are incredibly sexy and would date one in a heartbeat, regardless of the difference in physical strength (I am a twig). If anything, I'm pretty sure I'd draw some small sense of security from the difference in strength.

If your relationship becomes abusive, that is awful, but there's no simple way to avoid potential abusers. They come in all shapes, sizes, and genders. When extending this into the realm of emotional abuse, this is even more true.

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"realistically portrayed lesbian child predator without being specifically attracted to children" is a good summary of this so far, since the attraction is apparently based on her similarity to her sister. Unfortunately, that's not really something I'm comfortable reading. I actually do like age gap stories, even some that society might frown on like high school junior/senior x adult office worker (so something like 17 to 25). Still, 14 is just too young in general and ESPECIALLY when the character is completely sexually naive and relying on the older party to provide the moral and social context for sexual acts. That's a huge 'yikes'.

I don't resent the manga for existing or being written, but it's just too far off the course from why I read manga for me to want to continue reading it. I read manga to vicariously experience thrilling love stories (generally), not to gain insight into the makings of criminal-level child predators.

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Revolutionary Girl Utena: Manga About a Butch Sword Girl Who Has to Fight Her Whole School to Marry the Femme of Her Dreams.

I mean, that's more like what I wish that anime was like.

The reality was more like: Manga About a Butch Sword Girl Who Really Likes Fighting, Enters a Male-Centric Fighting Tournament, and Inadvertently Gets a Femme Through a Technicality That She Eventually Kinda Likes (But The Ending Buries the Gays).

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Nobody more intensely author-inserts themselves into their work than Konbu Wakame. I mean she makes it obvious when naming characters after herself, but even when not doing that, it seems like she writes a lot of her own untempered desires into the work.

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I feel like most girls would probably not place their crotch on a friend's desk edge like in this latest chapter. Though, I have to admit, given this manga, I was a little surprised she didn't start grinding on it after that. Maybe that's too lewd, but the author does show a heavily outlined crotch shot from that angle while it happens, so maybe not.

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The setup is highly reminiscent of the "I Married My Best Friend To Shut My Parents Up" manga. I always love these kinds of plots.

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I'm not a fan of the art style. These characters are drawn in a way that minimizes their age, hence the loli complaints - I personally prefer something closer to reality if not even farther (maximizing their age, I guess).

However, I think the premise is pretty good, even if the manga doesn't do as much with the premise as I would like. The idea that two women can love each other in relatively short order and then be open about their relationship extremely early into the story like this is something that almost NEVER happens. Lesbian relationships are usually only established after a ridiculous amount of trials and tribulations in most manga, so a beginning like this is both surprising and refreshing.

I would still rather the manga focus on the romance and relationship aspects rather than on misunderstanding what dates are or what doujinshi are, but this at least holds my interest enough for now that I will overlook the loli-esque character art style, which is something I normally wouldn't accept.

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Some great progress, even if a third party played a helping hand.

Mirage discussion 02 Nov 05:51
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This story almost feels like it was literally ripped from my life. It's pretty eerie how close parts of it are. It definitely captures the "friends when we need to copy your homework or when we can make fun of you" friendships that typified almost all of my relationships until college. MC dresses almost identically to me as well, though I liked button-up shirts better for some reason.

Unlike the MC though, I didn't really have any strong crushes in school. Sort of an autistic thing mostly, but I never look anyone in the eye and never glance at anyone's sexual characteristics (I have never 'checked somebody out' before). Because I rarely enjoyed having friends and never made any proper contact with others, it was easy to completely avoid romance/sex. Though people did accuse me often of being a homosexual when I would always dodge their questions about who I liked, but it was easy to just deny that.

Ngl, the fact that it's the end took me by surprise. I was like "End ? Wdym End ? Is that all ?". Don'tgetme wrong, i like the fact that she didn't take the apologize but you can't tell me she got a peaceful highschool life after that.And as cute as the ending is, it feel a bit random, like the author didn't assume the whole angst and the ending and put an happy ending.

No, her high school life was probably awful, since I bet rejecting their apology made them hate her.

She should have navigated it more diplomatically. Accept their apology on the surface and to their faces but pull back from the friendships. Dodge questions, don't commit to any events in the future, and otherwise avoid them. If they ask if anything is wrong, insist everything is fine and make up an excuse.

That's what I would do (and did).

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this is the future leftists want

A future with cute adult lesbians? I mean I am leftist and I want that, but I'm confused what you find negative about this scenario. If you're a homophobe, what the fuck are you doing on Don't you have minorities you need to hate and oppress for no reason?

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So obviously this series isn't ready for the yuri tag, and it may not ever be. But I think it's probably ready for "Subtext", especially with the latest extras.

At the very least, if you don't want to tag the whole series that way (which is kinda understandable, since it's a ridiculously long series), the extras itself should be tagged as Subtext.

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Re: earlier comments - I have always wondered why one's heartbeat is on the left side, whereas anxiety, happiness, love, and a few other emotions are felt directly in the center of the chest. I've looked for the answer a few times but never really found one (there's virtually no information out there on 'how' and 'where' we feel emotions for some reason outside of a single study that gets quoted everywhere...).

I think the answer is because emotions are felt in areas based on neurological paths, and it has little to do with blood flow. Still not sure why the center of the chest is the place those feelings end up because there isn't anything important there even from a neurological perspective, though.

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Very nice resolution to the last chapter's loneliness. It's the most mature possible approach to handle a short-term time-limited situation in a relationship - use your extra time to support your partner's limited time.

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It'd be pretty hard for other people to even find out about the condition usually, but I guess (at least in Japanese schools according to manga), students often have basic medical checkups at the school nurse in lines. It'd be very obvious then or through a few other situations (sleepovers maybe, if they were close to each other, as well as walking arm in arm).

As long as the girl didn't move away, the information could easily follow her after it was discovered as well. I did something stupid once in 6th grade, and although my middle school fed into two different high schools, and mine was an exceptionally large high school, I was still bullied up through my senior year of high school for the issue.