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SHY discussion 03 Mar 12:10
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Is true, this is an action series with super heroes and drama, not a yuri work, is not promoted as yuri, is not structured for romance... if yuri happens it would be a surprise (and maybe at the very end) so if you're here waiting for that you'll be disappointed. Is like reading kimetsu no yaiba and wondering why he hasn't kissed any girl yet.

But... but... why would you even bother having multiple women in a story if they aren't going to make out? It has to be yuri!

Maybe the author just likes writing about women who can both kick ass and talk with other people like adult human beings?


...nah, can't be. Miki Bukimi just probably hates every user on this website personally. Yeah, that has to be it.

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SHY discussion 29 Feb 14:17
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Does anyone know what the author means by "a safe"? Just curious.

any sort of close mother/daughter interaction happening in a manga
dynasty readers: taiyaki where are you

And if it's a sister/sister interaction, it's Mochi Au Lait.

Yet for some reason

This site is the reason. :-) The readers you mention still cannot internalize the notion that Dynasty is capable of hosting anything but yuri series.

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SHY discussion 28 Feb 11:20
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I know it's a Yuri website but it isn't a Yuri manga to begin with so don't hope for too much. It take more of the classic Shounen so it will probably be just Friendship or comrades.

I'll take it. Human relationships are as varied as humans themselves, and romance isn't the be-all-and-end-all of them. :-)

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The uselessness never stops...

I call bs on that.
They have confessed their love to each other, and confirmed it. They have started going out. They have kissed, many times. They have made out. And they have had sex.

Call them whatever you want, but not useless.

Useless, my sweet babies Kase and Yamada sure ain't.

What you said. The two of them are that preciously rare case of a not useless, but still hopelessly dense pairing. :-)

SHY discussion 22 Feb 03:44
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It's interesting that until now, the author has avoided drawing Pesha and Sveta standing side by side, because otherwise we'd realize that the daughter is a full head taller than her mom. Perhaps symbolic of children outgrowing their parents, physically as well as spiritually?

Still, I wonder how many fights will be resolved through kind words instead of, you know, fighting.

Most that involve Shy, most likely. That's been rather clear ever since she impressed the other heroes by rescuing Koishikawa through solving her inner conflict instead of destroying the corrupted parts.

It slowly dawns on me that Shy is actually a magical girl with the guise of a Western superhero. :-)

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Y'know, for a porn manga, this one's pretty deep. Especially the exploration of the relationship between the person and the body -- so far, we've seen three entities "wear" Shion's body: Shion herself, Tycho, and the ghost eater thing. The AIs are pretty chill with distinguishing between them, but Ayame keeps conflating Shion with her body, especially once Tycho starts copying her mannerisms. All that boils down to one of sci-fi's (and especially cyberpunk's) favorite big questions: can human identities exist independently of our life-supporting meat bags?

in the second chapter, does that count as necrophilia? i mean, the android's dead

Not dead, just functionally in a coma. So no, not necrophilia, but pretty much rape. :-)

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I am appalled that this chapter isn't tagged Lots of hand-holding. We need to protect the (22 y.o.) children from such lewd imagery!

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Wow, what a bitch. Paying for the hotel room and stuff.

Judging by the posted title translation, it's the blonde who seems to be the "bitch", since she's obviously in love and doesn't seem that taciturn. :-/

SHY discussion 28 Dec 07:31
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I want to see yuri......

I heard there have been some series tagged with Yuri around here. This one isn't among them, as far as I know, so you must have been reading the wrong manga, friend. :-)

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I've heard similar theories before. Mostly that branding wise women as witches and heretics is the catholic church's way of limiting women's power in society. although the part about it being a capitalist and nationalist sceme, is new to me.

Problem is that witch hunts were afaik more prominent in protestant societies. And they were never that big and bad. Yes women died but it was not like a Continent wide frenzy and plan to limit womens rights.

It wasn't a "scheme", either, pardon me if my original post sounded conspiratorial. According to those feminist scholars I cited, It's was rather a part of a larger process by which the European/Western society adapted to the new proto-capitalist realities of wage labor and work-home separation. There wasn't any plot behind it, just different people sharing the same values arriving at the idea that the best way to make society adopt this values was public violence. Unfortunately, this has happened many more times throughout history.

How is groupie girl able to keep her powers then? Maybe she's not really in love but merely just infatuated? Or maybe she's already losing her powers. That would explain why she can't fly her broom.

The idea of love coming in many forms/variants is common in western philosophy and eventually got introduced to Japan in the early 1900s, so it would make sense if the "love" here refers to a specific form of love or the side effects of that form. [snip]

Are you referring to the old Greek storge, philia, eros, and agape or to one of the later theories? Just curious.

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The theory sounds like a very...creative interpretation of history.

Indeed. I am not a scholar of history myself, but I enjoy reading different perspectives on historical events, especially if they result in creative fiction. :-)

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Hm...I like the art and the characters are cute, but the story seems a bit pointless to me. Why take revenge if the people who burned witches lived hundreds of years ago?

According to some feminist scholars, the European witch hunts were a symptom and a manifestation of the new capitalist and nationalist societal order's drive to re-subjugate women and to confine them to the homemaker role that was viewed by this new order as necessary to support the man as bread-winner. (Of course, history showed that this idea fell apart as soon as the demands of the growing industry forced women (and children) to work alongside men, but even then, they were still expected to pull a double shift at work and as homemakers.) Anyway, this subjugation was carried out using terror tactics, such as public executions of the most educated and thus powerful women of society, referred as "wise women" or "witches", and when they ran out of those, they continued with random girls until European women were effectively beaten into silence and submission (for a while, at least).

With this in mind, it would be interesting to see if the "revenge" the teachers speak of in this manga is actually aimed at upending the modern nation-states and the global capitalist elite, both of whom ended up profiting the most from witch-burning. The fact that the witches' surreptitious survival is explicitly linked to them entering the service of future nation states gives me some hope, but then again, I don't really expect a Japanese manga artist to express a radical left agenda in a story about magical lesbians.

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SHY discussion 06 Dec 17:07
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Lilliwyt posted:

Can i be the kill joy about the orphanage's name ? Just remember that Yurii has not the same meaning in Russia that it had in Japan.

If you're going to nitpick, at least say it's yurii, not yuri.

My read is that this was done for the cheap pun, since, again, I cannot think of any original Russian name for "Yurii Orphanage" that would make linguistic sense. Yuri is a given name, and orphanages and other institutions named after people typically have surnames attached to them. E.g. an orphanage dedicated to Yuri Gagarin would be "the Gagarin Orphanage", but never just "Yuri Orphanage"...

Also nobody is going to comment that it's implied that Pepesha always drinks before meeting Teru to the point, Teru wouldn't recognize her when she's sober?

Theory: Her regular sober personality is as grumpy as her orphanage days, but drinking makes her more sociable and open (a real-life side effect of moderate alcohol consumption), which is the side of her she wants to project for Teru.

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Wow, that's harsh. I was kinda sympathetic with Kanade before, but it seems to me now that she is actively projecting her own insecurity onto Kayo. She didn't make it as a musician (and gave up on it), and now she believes that she somehow mind-controlled Kayo into practicing her own musical talent.

SHY discussion 30 Nov 04:40
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Hmmm I think mentor or sensei would be more appropriate ... Well I'm sure Spirit thinks that shy is a cute puppy at this point

I also don't think that Spirits sees Shy as her peer, despite Shy's best efforts to prove her wrong and Spirits' apparent acknowledgement of her new strength (the handshake). Therefore, I don't think any good will come out of it if they got together at this point in the story. Maybe later, when Shy goes through fifteen shonen power-ups and saves the world single-handedly? Rn, Iko is still the best match for Teru IMO, because they are both about the same age, and I am still waiting on Iko getting some superpowers of her own.

PS: Does a handshake count as holding hands?

VW discussion 29 Nov 05:32
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0/10 not enough Automobilindustrie

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The pacing went ZOOM

so was the car i guess

You monster.

Anyhow, I feel that Canno was almost successful at conveying grief over the death of a loved one, but the short length prevented it from having a major impact. A longer format, like in Haru and Midori, is much better suited for this kind of story.

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The one-shot itself is a okayish standalone story, I guess.

Far more interesting is this thread and how the story appears to have been precision-engineered to lay bare all of the deep-seated hypocrisies of yuri fans, such as that Cheating is okay (or at least a cause for severe cognitive dissonance, as in some comments above) when a woman cheats with another woman on a man with whom she is in a committed relationship. Note also the lack of typical bi-phobic comments that usually follow the Bisexual Cheating combo. I find all of this fascinating and appreciate Naoko Kodama's repeated provocations to reflect on our own media consumption patterns. :-)

SHY discussion 14 Nov 15:24
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Spirits's not dead.
I feel so relieved.

I am shocked, shocked to find her basically unharmed!

Called it: Pepesha was back in the fight before it was even over. :-)

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SHY discussion 12 Nov 11:49
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Also nicknames are a thing. That one certainly sounds like such.

To me, "Pepesha Andreanof" sounds more like an attempt at a proper-sounding full Russian name than a nickname, just like Stardust's (who is an actual artist in-story) civil identity of "David Jones" and Shy's "Teru Momijiyama" (which, as far as I can tell, is a relatively normal Japanese name). All I am saying, it seems more like a lack of research on common Russian names and naming conventions on the writer's part (especially compared to their knowledge of Japanese and English names), than any particular artistic choice.

But again, I will take a heroic, awkwardly-named Russian character in a manga over a perfectly researched, villainous one any day. :-)

PS: Pepesha's surname seems to be a cognate of "Andrey" (Russian for Andrew), but the proper spelling would be something along the lines of "Andreyeva" (the spelling of most Russian surnames is gendered, with the endings "-ov", "-ev", and "-of(f)" indicating masculine forms, while female forms typically end with "-ova" or "-eva", with some particularities).

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SHY discussion 11 Nov 02:47
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EDIT: Also, as a Russian speaker, I've been wanting to remark on a) how nonsensical the names like "Pepesha" and "Tsiveta".

The mangaka is either an FPS player or a history nerd. Pepesha is a nickname for PPSh-41 submachine gun.

Nice catch. I don't think, however, that any normal parent would name their daughter after a gun, even in Russia. :D (And "Pepesha" does seem to be her birth name, since her superhero name is "Spirits"...)

I'm not making any assumptions just because it's superheroes, I got burned bad last time I did that reading Gamma (a damn fine read either way, don't get me wrong).

Gamma has a completely different tone and mood IMO -- it's more idealistic than Shy in some aspects and much less so in others. Of course, we don't know how Shy will play out, but the way I am reading it rn is that it's the "if we stick to our morals to the very end, things will turn out alright in the end" kind of idealism, whereas Gamma was more like "the needs of the many..." from the very beginning.

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SHY discussion 08 Nov 11:58
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b) how refreshing Pepesha's positive representation of Russians is in this manga. I don't mind being cast as the bad guys, but being always typecast as them is tiresome.

She's still presented as a drunkard...

As if the only thing Russians drink is 80% ABV Vodka.

Giving characters of certain nationality a stereotypical flaw (after all, alcoholism IS a massive problem in Russia, and has been historically) is a lesser sin in my book than unquestioningly typecasting them as villains. A good-hearted mentor figure is still sympathetic, even with an obvious character flaw. Besides, national stereotypes are not limited to Russia in this manga, given how the UK is being represented by a pessimistic, cynical jerk. :-)

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SHY discussion 08 Nov 02:23
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You people don't read much Superhero comics, do you? Fearing for Pepesha's life rn is like crying "Oh no, Superman has a piece of kryptonite lodged in his side! Will he survive that?!" Major superheroes never die to monsters-of-the-week that are not specifically designed to kill them, and this ice girl is written as a challenge to Shy, which is why they temporarily removed the OP superhero out of the equation to give her a fair fight. -__-

Calling it right now: Pepesha will be back in action either after this fight, or even before it's over.

EDIT: Also, as a Russian speaker, I've been wanting to remark on a) how nonsensical the names like "Pepesha" and "Tsiveta" are and b) how refreshing Pepesha's positive representation of Russians is in this manga. I don't mind being cast as the bad guys, but being always typecast as them is tiresome.

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SHY discussion 26 Oct 05:26
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"We will protect the revolution" what kind of Marxist superhero show is that?

Of course an anime about magical girls fighting for a civil revolution is a vehicle for staple capitalist practice.

Turning Marxist ideas into a three decades-long cash cow is certainly one way of doing a permanent revolution... right up there with mass producing those Che Guevara T-shirts. :D

"Liking something has nothing to do with being a boy or a girl."

Well, there's no way I'm not going to read into that given the site we're on.

IMO it's a deliberate subtext-slash-foreshadowing by the author, and you can't convince me otherwise. ^^

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Do you wanna know how I got these scars?

All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest catgirl alive to lunacy.