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Whoaaaaa ending changed. HATED the previous one. This one ain't that bad but kinda off. I mean I don't think Tsuki would say yes after being knocked out and left for 10 years. .

you forget, this is the same girl who wrote a whole freaking game program as complicated as exclan just so she could keep sora locked in her own idea of paradise for forever lol.

rereading this again, and these posts, i have to say i can't help but like this manga lol. i mean yea the whole message it gives sucks, but it's just a manga, created to entertain, and it entertained lol. as obsessive and crazy as tsuki is, i liked that sora ended up with her. although my other option would be koharu (lol i bet she's a beast in bed XD) but for their own reasons i liked yuki or reiko as well. of course if we are talking about people in real life yea i'd be like woah sora is dumb as shit for continuing to love someone who not only as a child lied and practically forced her step father to abuse her, but also gouged a guy's eye out and scarred the girl she likes' forehead. and there'd be no way that the girls who were abused so horribly would forgive their torturers. But hey good thing this is fantasy manga land lol, and i can kinda see what the author was trying to do, with the way that karin and his father wanted to let their followers die in peace. because like the story says, everyone can walk their own path and have their own paradise, that it's their right. and for the old men, being so chauvinistic like that is THEIR path, and they had the right to live it peacefully and happily. they knew it was wrong but that was the way they were brought up, and they couldn't help being the way they were maybe. which of course again, in real life is utter cow balls (get it, utter~) but in a world were everything is perfect and everyone is completely open minded, e.g. manga land, i can understand that.