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Studying with Yuri. by Sekihara Umina released Jun 25 '20 Lots of sex Masturbation Momoka x Yuri NSFW Yuri
Just as the Student Council President Anticipated! by Takewakamaru released Sep 4 '19 Erika x Itsuki Erika x Tsubomi Itsuki x Tsubomi Lots of sex NSFW Threesome Toys Yuri
MomokaYuri and Dark Precure Comic by End released Sep 30 '15 Comedy Dark Precure x Momoka Momoka x Yuri Yuri
Baby Kiss by Oimo released Mar 16 '15 Lots of sex NSFW Toys Tsubomi x Yuri Yuri
The Fashion Club’s Secret Activity by Mukaibi Aoi released Feb 26 '15 Erika x Tsubomi Lolicon Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
After School by Negom released Nov 8 '14 Blushing Momoka x Yuri Yuri
Love Yuri! by Oimo released Aug 16 '14 Comedy Momoka x Yuri Yuri
∞ Lily Time by Isya released Jan 11 '14 Comedy Cure Moonlight x Dark Precure Erika x Tsubomi Momoka x Yuri Yuri
PreCure Yuri Collections 1 by Tima HeartCatch PreCure! Doujin and Smile PreCure! Doujin released Aug 31 '13 Akane x Nao Momoka x Yuri Yuri
Girls Log vol.3 by Kyuri DokiDoki! PreCure Doujin, HeartCatch PreCure! Doujin, Smile PreCure! Doujin, and Suite PreCure♪ Doujin released Aug 4 '13 Art book Full color No text Yuri
Hatopuni by Kousaka Jun released Jun 13 '12 Erika x Tsubomi Futanari Lolicon Lots of sex NSFW Romance
Dark Precure's Visit by AlmostDeadByDawn released May 17 '12 Comedy Stalking
I Fantasize Dangerous Love by Negom released May 17 '12 Comedy Momoka x Yuri School girl Wishful thinking Yuri
When My Loneliness Calls You... by Tima released May 10 '12 Momoka x Yuri Read left to right School girl Yuri
Heaven is Just There by Morinaga Milk released Feb 11 '11 Itsuki x Tsubomi Masturbation NSFW Romance School life Yuri
Eclipse by Unagi Dog released Nov 21 '10 Cure Moonlight x Dark Precure Yuri
Precure no Tane Iku desu! by Kurumaya released Sep 13 '10 Erika x Tsubomi Futanari Lots of sex NSFW Toys Yuri
Petit Fleurs by Aoki Ume released Jul 19 '10 Erika x Tsubomi Yuri