Twinkle Saber Nova by Fujieda Miyabi — Ongoing


When you go to Misaki Academy, a place known for its no-rules freedom on its clubs, crazy things are bound to happen. The World Domination Club starts to take over the school lunch program, but Hayana is not happy about that! With some help from her physics teacher Kirise-sensei, and support from her friend Aoi, she joins the Ally of Justice Club, sworn to protect lunchtime for all! As the story goes on, more members join both clubs, and Hayana must fight back against the Domination Club's plans.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: The Ally of Justice Club's Lunchtime Debut released Aug 10 '09
Chapter 2: New Member Surprise released Aug 24 '09
Chapter 3: The Domination Club's Many Newcomers released Oct 4 '09
Volume 2
Chapter 4: Loophole Exploits, Doughnuts released Aug 30 '13