Tomodachi Login by Itou Nanami — Ongoing


Chuunibyou girl Ayame-chan is enjoying a country life filled with nature with her simple and innocent friends! The delusions of Ayame-chan with regards to her friends, also explode! It seems she still haven't thrown 3D out of the window yet...

Volume 1
Chapter 1: People Call This Friendship released Jul 31 '13
Chapter 2: The Mermaid in the Mud released Aug 31 '13
Chapter 3: The Fish That Got Water released Oct 31 '13
Chapter 4: The Scooping King, the One Who Runs released Aug 5 '14
Chapter 5: The Flowers Fluttering at the End released Sep 25 '14
Chapter 6: The Forgotten Forbidden Tome released Jun 6 '15
Chapter 7: The House Where the Angel Lives released Jan 13 '16