The Whimsical Cursed Sword by Tobita Nikiichi


A fantasy world of swords and magic, but this isn't a typical fantasy world since the technological progress have advanced so much that smartphones are everywhere!!

Everyone lives a peaceful life until one day a brother and sister pair find a very strange sword...

Chapter 1: The Appearance of the Cursed Sword released Jun 18 '19
Chapter 2: The Cursed Sword Awakens released Jun 19 '19
Chapter 3: A Guest For The Cursed Sword released Jun 21 '19
Chapter 4: The Cursed Sword Plays Rough released Jul 2 '19
Chapter 5: The Cursed Sword Summons released Jul 11 '19
Chapter 6: The Cursed Sword Goes to School released Jul 29 '19
Chapter 7: The Cursed Sword is Being Chased released Aug 16 '19
Chapter 8: The Cursed Sword is Appraised released Feb 29 '20
Chapter 9: The Cursed Sword Goes Fishing released Oct 15 '20
Chapter 10: The Cursed Sword Is Challenged released Nov 1 '20
Chapter 11: The Cursed Sword Makes Rice Balls released Dec 15 '20