Tama to Tama to by Chinjaorosu — Abandoned


Tama and Aoi are friends from childhood. Tama is a shrine maiden that is not allowed to ever leave the village she grew up in because if she does, a terrible curse will unfold. Very much unlike Aoi, who's a normal girl and is free to do whatever she wants with her life. When Aoi's parents die, she has to move out of the village. To her dismay, Tama follows her in order to make sure Aoi fulfills a promise she made to her when they were younger...

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Tama and Me released Jan 21 '10
Chapter 2: Sudden Reunion released Jan 23 '10
Chapter 3: I Hate You released Jan 24 '10
Chapter 4: The Feeling of "Love" released Jan 25 '10
Chapter 5: Between Two Girls... released Jan 28 '10
Chapter 6: Heart-Pounding First Day released Jan 30 '10
Chapter 7: Another... released Jan 31 '10
Chapter 8: Sealing Stone released Feb 1 '10
Chapter 9: Tama and... released Feb 2 '10
Chapter 10: Tama, Tama, and... released Feb 5 '10
Chapter 11: Aoi and Sealing Stone released Jul 26 '10