Take that Hand by Shisei Kuromasa — Completed

Also known as Sono Te wo Totte


Mizuki has to move often as a result of her father's work situation. As a result, she never makes friends and is a lonesome girl. Just after one such move Mizuki meets a beautiful girl named Yuuko who takes an uncanny interest in her. Mizuki is surprised to find her heart beating faster in Yuuko's presence.

When she uses the school's bathroom, she is attacked by tentacles that come out of the toilet and rape her. Afterwards, she finds herself having sexual feelings and thoughts about Yuuko and an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. Suddenly, Yuuko invites Mizuki to her home......

Chapter 1 released Feb 28 '12
Chapter 2 released Feb 28 '12
Chapter 3 released Feb 28 '12
Chapter 4 released Feb 28 '12 Lactation
Chapter 5 released Feb 28 '12 Swimsuits
Chapter 6 released Feb 28 '12 Swimsuits
Chapter 7 released Feb 28 '12 Het Orgy Pegging Shotacon
Chapter 8 released Feb 28 '12 Anal
Chapter 9: Extra released Feb 28 '12 Anal Incest Pegging Shotacon