Sorairo Girlfriend by Rikachi — Abandoned


A girl named Hiromi dreams to become a prince. One day a cute girl named Juri transfers into Hiromi's class. Due to Hiromi's cute looks she is bothered by Hiromi's classmates. Juri blatantly rejects Hiromi's classmates' invitation to join their group and she earns some scorn from Hiromi's friend, but Hiromi doesn't wish to bother Juri.
After Hiromi takes initiative to speak to Juri, Juri becomes attached to Hiromi and nicknames her Romeo.
Thus the story between Juli/Juri and Romeo/Hiromi begins.

Chapter 1 released Jan 22 '11
Chapter 2 released Mar 26 '11
Chapter 3 released Aug 16 '11
Chapter 4 released Dec 29 '11
Chapter 5 released May 7 '12 Bullying