Season of Alabaster by Takatsu Makoto


Maeda Gin is a student who enjoys drawing graffitis at an abandoned apartment complex building near his school, with his friends and acolytes, Teppei and Kon-chan. One night, while they're at work on one of their masterpieces, they're interrupted by a mysterious ghastly pale-skinned woman who scares them. In the process of fleeing, Gin loses his sketchbook to her and then from this point onwards, his life will change in a major way! Some nude painting with his beautiful and attractive art teacher? Welcome to Season of Alabaster.

Chapter 1: Gin and Sakura released May 24 '22
Chapter 2: Improper Relationship released Jun 21 '22
Chapter 3: The Art Club Kicks Off released Jul 25 '22 Childhood friends
Chapter 4: Delvaux in a Moonlight Rain released Aug 26 '22
Chapter 5: Wet-feather-colored Nike released Sep 25 '22
Chapter 6: Season of Alabaster released Oct 29 '22
Chapter 7: Not You released Dec 28 '22
Chapter 7.2: Not You (Part 2) released Jan 29 '23
Chapter 8: Discord released Feb 24 '23
Chapter 9: Night at the Boathouse released Mar 24 '23 Smoking
Chapter 10: Out of sight on a rainy night released Apr 25 '23 Smell
Chapter 11: Goddess in Motion released May 21 '23
Chapter 12.1: Close friend, distant friend (First part) released Jun 23 '23
Chapter 12.2: Close friend, distant friend (Second part) released Jul 24 '23 Moderate amounts of sex Prostitution