Rui-Rui by MAX — Completed


Hayama Honoka, a freshman at Asaka High School, is an easygoing, unmotivated teenage girl that seems to be unaware that she is more interested in girls than boys. Tomori, her best friend since middle school who is a little violent at times, reminds her that she must pick a club to join at school. Soon after, during the lunch break, Honoka sees a girl wandering the old, abandoned campus building and meets a shy and clumsy girl named Mizusawa Yuzuki who finds fascination in the building that is several decades old although, Honoka only sees it as dirty.

Honoka and Yuzuki learn about a small school club called the Abandoned Building club. They meet the vice president of the club, Tachibana Mana, a very passionate and nicely-figured girl, and the two girls decide to join. The club’s purpose is to visit abandoned buildings, rooms or stations and see the beauty of the place that has been forgotten but which is full of history, places that are worn out by time, forgotten by people but filled with hints into the past.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: First Location: Abandoned Castle + Bishoujo = ∞ released Apr 12 '10
Chapter 2: Second Location: Abandoned Build Club - Honoko = The Finale? released Nov 4 '10
Chapter 3: Third Location: New Members x Senpai = The Unexpected released Nov 25 '10
Chapter 4: Fourth Location: Club Members + Advisor + Homeroom Teacher =/= Sabbath released Dec 19 '10
Chapter 5: Fifth Location: Eyepatch + Bishoujo = Classmate released Jan 25 '11
Chapter 6: Sixth Location: (Active Amusement Park - Popularity) x Time = Utopia released Jun 17 '11
Chapter 7: Seventh Location: Summer + Beach + Swimsuits = Nosebleed x Recollection released Jan 9 '12
Volume 2
Chapter 8: She + Memories = Ruins released Sep 22 '12
Chapter 9: Birthday = Celebration + a released Apr 15 '13
Chapter 10: Tenth Location: Ruins Club x Cultural Festival = X released May 4 '14
Chapter 11: Eleventh Location: Ruins Club x Cultural Festival = X released Oct 12 '14
Chapter 12: 12th Place: Fiction + Reality = Legitimate released Oct 12 '14
Chapter 13: Dreams x Ruins = Battleship Island released Jul 8 '15
Chapter 14: Rui x Rui released Feb 13 '16