Otome x Ranbu by Imamura Youko — Completed


She is your stereotypical airhead school girl, with one exception, she has amnesia. She recently transferred into a new school where things work different, mainly magic. She is Mochiduki Tsubomi, and she doesn’t remember anything before she transferred. Enter yet another transfer student – the beautiful yet arrogant bishojo, Izayoi Yukiji. She’s after Tsubomi, but why? What does Yukiji want? What mystery does Tsubomi hold?

Chapter 1: The Pure Butterfly released Mar 6 '11
Chapter 2: The Return Gift released Jun 15 '11
Chapter 3: Embarassment released Mar 24 '12
Chapter 4: The Substitute released Jul 30 '12 Het
Chapter 5: Together, at the end you'll never walk alone released Jan 24 '13