Nisekoi Boyfriend by Ataru Yamamoto — Completed


From Hachimitsu-scans: Soutarou Inugami is a shy and reserved high schooler interested in anime and manga. Although content with his lot in life, Soutarou also wouldn't mind having a fateful encounter with a cute girl someday. Lucky for him, he comes home from school one day to find a girl sitting at his doorstep who he's never seen before, but who happens to have the same red earrings as Meguru Satoi, a cool and good-looking guy at his school.

Chapter 1 released Nov 12 '14 Cross-dressing
Chapter 2 released Nov 14 '14 Cross-dressing
Chapter 3: A Cowardly Boyfriend and a Good-for-nothing released Nov 18 '14 Drugs
Chapter 4: A Ribbon Made of You and Me released Nov 18 '14
Chapter 5: A Happy End with a Liar released Nov 18 '14 Yandere
Henshin Shichau released Nov 20 '14 Cross-dressing