Nanatsuiro Drops by Takami Yuuki and UNiSONSHIFT — Abandoned


Based on the Eroge by UNiSONSHIFT.

We've got our main character, Tsuwabaki, a normal student, but one day he bumps into a weird guy with "not cosplay ears" who gives him a drink. It transforms Tsuwabaki into a chibi lamb! The teacher explains everything, and the teacher tells him the only way he can get back to normal is to find a chosen girl and have her catch the 7 Stardrops. The only thing is, is he can't reveal his true identity.

Chapter 1: Sumomo's First Love ♥ released Mar 27 '09
Chapter 2: Destiny is Seven-Colored ★ Part One released Mar 31 '09
Chapter 3: Destiny is Seven-Colored ★ Part Two released Jun 1 '09
Chapter 4: Yuki-chan's Secret!? Part One released Jun 21 '09
Chapter 5: Yuki-chan's Secret!? Part Two released Aug 10 '09