Momoiro Trance by Ko Ru Ri — Ongoing


What do you picture when you hear the words “student council”? Does it involve eating snacks on the job? Maybe slacking off? How about playing dress-up? Cosplaying? Maybe not, but this student council will certainly change those outdated expectations for the better. Meet the students: Aoi Fujisawa, the always-hungry council president, Kanade Kawagoe, the thick-browed silent beauty vice president, Minami Otsuka, the do-what-I-want sadist, and Hana Koganei, the petite short haired second year. Join the lovable misfit bunch on their everyday misadventures full of comedy and endless fun!

Chapter 1: At Least Act Like a Student Council President released Oct 6 '22 NSFW Threesome
Chapter 2 released Oct 9 '22 Molestation NSFW
Chapter 3 released Oct 12 '22
Chapter 4 released Oct 17 '22
Chapter 5 released Oct 22 '22
Chapter 6 released Oct 28 '22
Chapter 7 released Nov 9 '22
Chapter 8 released Nov 22 '22