Hitogoto Desukara! by Yuni — Licensed and Ongoing


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Komori Mio (25), who gives her all in love and work, is the (self-proclaimed) ace of the second division of the sales department of the Nadeshiko Trading Company. Her dream is to be transferred to the Overseas Operations Deparment, so that she can serve beautiful women from all over the world. One day, she receives the notice of her long-awaited transfer, but her destination is the pla~in HR department. She does her best while working under the guidance of her senior, Yamanobe, but will the frank and excitable Komori be able to find work fulfilling in HR? Is working in a pla~in department a lot deeper than you'd think!?

Chapter 1: A woman who exceeds expectations released Dec 2 '20
Chapter 2: A woman who meets expectations released Dec 7 '20
Chapter 3: A woman of today released Dec 13 '20
Chapter 4: A woman with expectations released Dec 24 '20