Heavenly Garden Where The Maidens Bloom by Asagi Ryuu — Completed

Also known as Otome Saku


On the first day of shared practice with the upper classes in the Theater club, Miharu is confronted by her stern senpai Itsuki. Their encounter goes out of control and soon she finds herself dragged into a complicated relationship, unable to escape the mutual attraction and new desires she doesn’t fully understand.

Chapter 1: Holy Virgin released Jun 20 '13
Chapter 2: The Silvery-White Angel released Jul 10 '13 Student x Teacher
Chapter 3: Pupa released Aug 6 '13 Childhood friends Masturbation
Chapter 4: Promise released Sep 15 '13
Chapter 5: Secret released Oct 7 '13 Anal Anilingus Comedy Masturbation
Chapter 6: Heartbroken released Oct 14 '13 Student x Teacher
Chapter 7: The Story released Jan 23 '14
Chapter 7.5: Coppelia released Jan 24 '14
Chapter 8: Tenjou released Jan 25 '14