Gretel by Sudoo Kaoru — Cancelled


Mikoshima Yuu is ecstatic to be entering into a all-girl world at St. Millefeuille Gakuen. Mariya is annoyed that she's been assigned to show the newbie around. But Nagi volunteers to escort her - in fact, she's positively frantic to do so, and immediately starts to court Yuu, who is thrown off her stride when she's so openly being pursued by a beautiful girl.

Chapter 1 released Dec 25 '07
Chapter 2 released Aug 6 '08
Chapter 3 released Aug 28 '08
Chapter 4 released Jan 2 '09
Chapter 5 released Jan 13 '09
Chapter 6 released Jul 22 '09
The Maidens' Salon released Jan 22 '09 4-koma